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  1. Hi Reno, What ever suits you the best. We would be always happy that you are served, by us or not. All products have their own plus-es and miss-es. I can envisage that soon enough, managers will seek 3D charts with gradient, KPI gauges and lot more things that we have in our exclusive kitty. There are ways to save FusionCharts JavaScrpt charts at server-side, without rendering in the browser - one of our friends have created this - We have also seen many among our customers implementing similar scenarios using WKHTML etc. in their private premises. We appreciate your inputs. Happy charting!
  2. How Do I Show Html Table In Tooltip

    Thank you very much. I do not find this happening in the flash chart. I might have old version. Do I need to update?
  3. Greetings, Can you please help me in placing a table with rows and columns (just as it shows in webpages) in chart's tooltips?