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  1. I solved my issue by this line of jQuery: $('svg').css('z-index', '1102'); It might help someone /Mahtab
  2. Hi again, Thanks for your message Sashibhusan I'm now having a similar problem with the export menu in javascript charts.(the one that comes up after clicking on the export button and is like : save as a pdf, save as img etc) The export menu is now covered by the fancybox and I cannot solve the problem on the same way that I did for the tooltip. Thats because I could set the z-index of the tooltip element but I find no way to do the same thing with the export menu. Can anyone help me with the issue? /Mahtab
  3. Ok, seems like no one could help me, but this morning I could solve my own problem thanks to this link : http://stackoverflow...-modal-fancybox It is the "z-index" property that decides the order of elements on the page. The z-index of the tooltip was 999 which is less than the z-index of fancybax. Giving a z-index greater than the one fancybox has, brings the tooltip up on the chart I hope this helps someone else who is having the same problem. Have a nice day Mahtab
  4. Hi everybody, I am using FusionCharts in an application. Everything is working fine ecxept the automatic ToolTip. The problem showed up when I started rendering my chart inside an page that is loaded into a fancybox. I used the following code to show the chart, but no tooltip shows up : var myChart = new FusionCharts(chartType, divId + "Chart", "600", "450", "0"); myChart.setXMLData(chartDescription); myChart.render(divId); I have even tried to use the jquery plugin and insert the whole chart into the page (which is loaded in fancybox) like this : $("#" + divId).insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl: chartType, renderer: "JavaScript", dataSource: chartDescription, dataFormat: "xml", width: "600", height: "450", id: divId + "Chart" }); But still no success with the tooltip!!! Any help is appreciated, its frustrating! Thanks in advance Mahtab