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  1. Impossible To Set Y Min As 0

    I´m stupid, or blind, perhaps both, many thanks
  2. Impossible To Set Y Min As 0

    Hi, i´m trying to set the y min in a MSStackedColumn2DLineDY setting the principal and secondary axis to 0, but not works, but if i set to -100, works fine. There aren´t negative values. ¿what is the problem? Many thanks. ej_1.xml ej_1.html
  3. Hi Basundhara Ghosal, thanks for your help. I was using this method because normally i
  4. Hi Rajroop, thanks for your reply. I think thah i
  5. The problem also happens in pages with only 3 or 4 charts. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Basundhara Ghosal, I
  7. Still persists the problem.
  8. More info, app running in IE7 (not accesible with other browsers). thanks!
  9. Hi all, i have a page with about 15 charts, all msline, each one with a different ID and a random param in the object swf call. The page also have an asp directive for no caching: <%@ OutputCache Location="None" VaryByParam="None" %> Example of js code: var myChart_GraficoA = new FusionCharts("../../../FusionCharts/charts/FusionCharts/MSLine.swf?nocache=GraficoA1317158920&LoadDataErrorText=.", "FusionCharts_GraficoA", "1150", "450", "0", "1"); myChart_GraficoA.setTransparent(true); myChart_GraficoA.render("Div_GraficoA"); Sometimes all charts loads ok, but others only loads the 4 first, only one, or all but one. I need help with this, thanks for your time.