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  1. Multiple datasets on Dual axis charts

    Hi Razvan, Yes, the attribute "parentYAxis" needs to be used and set to "S", if you want your dataset to be mapped to secondary y-axis. Also, the default value of this attribute is "P" (primary y-axis). So, if not specified the dataset gets mapped to primary y-axis by default. FusionCharts plots the chart based on the data you provide to it. It does not use any mechanism to auto-detect the values and plot the chart accordingly. Also,if you notice, you need to use the attribute "value" of set element even if your values are in value or percentage. For Eg. for one dataset you have values like 200,300 etc and for the other you have 2.5,4.5 etc then if you do not specify that the second one maps to secondary y-axis, you will find that the primary y-axis has accommodated values of both the datasets. Hope I am able to clarify myself.
  2. Tooltip z-index problem.

    Happy FusionCharting!
  3. Legend, Chart Type

    Hi, It is possible to have a legend in FusionCharts free too. Ref. http://docs.fusioncharts.com/free/Contents/BasicChartElements.html However, the free version does not provide various features like legend interactivity. Also, the range slider cannot be included in the Free version of FusionCharts. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, We shall investigate further on this and shall get back to you soon.
  5. Legend, Chart Type

    Hi, Range Slider as a legend is supported only by PowerCharts XT Heat map chart. Refer the legend of the link : http://www.fusioncharts.com/explore/heatmap_4 . Can you please let us know in which chart type do you intend to use this type of legend with? It is possible to show a legend similar to the legend present in your "Legends.bmp". Refer our demo gallery link : http://www.fusioncharts.com/explore/interactive-legend Hope this helps.
  6. Advanced Bubble chart

    Hi, Please find the answers below: 1. Is it Possible to show the Y Axis on the center with the labels as shown in my attachment? Instead of on the left side. I mean I need the Y axis line with labels on the center where you are showing a vertical line(0,0). Ans: It is not possible to show the y-axis of the chart on the center of the chart, as of now. But as a workaround, you may use two Bubble charts one beside the other (as though they are clubbed) and then show the y-axis of the second chart by not showing it for the first chart. By doing this, you will be able to achieve your requirement. 2. Is it possible to zoom this bubbles ? Ans: Do you want to have the feature of zooming the bubbles by dragging the mouse cursor across the chart canvas? If yes, this feature is not supported by Bubble chart, as of now. You may increase the size of the bubble by increasing its diameter, as already said above. 3. Is it possible to show some information on click of each bubble specific to that point? Ans: The information about the bubble is shown as a tool tip when you hover over the bubble. If you want to show the information by clicking on the bubble, then you may use "link" attribute of set element and call a JavaScript function. In this function, you may use some dialog (eg jQuery Dialog) and show the information as desired. For information about "link" attribute, you may refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/DrillDown/Simple.html Hope this helps.
  7. plotSpacePercent for ScrollLine2D

    Hi, The space between two x-axis labels depends on factors like the left and right margins of the chart, left and right margins of the canvas, number of visible data plots in the visible area of scroll pane, among the others. Hence, if you want to reduce the space between two x-axis labels, you may choose to show more data plots or increase the space between margins(the start of chart canvas and the start (x) of chart). Eg. <chart numVisiblePlot='13' ... > Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, Do you intend to use Bubble chart because I see the parameter "z" in your set element? If yes, then you need to use Bubble chart from FusionCharts XT pack. For information on bubble chart, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?ChartSS/Bubble.html For rendering a bubble chart using your XML, please make the following change: Ref. var myChart = new FusionCharts("Bubble", "chart1", "550", "400", "1"); Please find the attached screenshot of the chart obtained after making the above said change. Hope this helps.
  9. Advanced Bubble chart

    Hi, If your requirement is to divide the chart to show negative and positive sides and depending on the values of x-axis you want to place the bubbles on either positive or negative side, then this can be achieved using FusionCharts. It is possible to have categories specifying the number of categories you want the chart to show, and then place have the bubble placed in its respective category depending on its value. Please find the attached sample XML and a screenshot of chart obtained using the XML. In the chart, the x-axis is divided into two categories - negative (-100 to 0) and positive (0 to 100). If the value of x is negative, the bubble is placed in the negative side and if it is positive it falls on the positive side. The size of the bubble is determined by the parameter z. You may use the attribute "color" to specify the color of the bubble. Hope this helps. Data1.xml
  10. Advanced Bubble chart

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum FusionCharts XT Bubble chart is used for plotting data, which is defined in terms of three numeric parameters X,Y and Z. The parameters X and Y represent the co-ordinate positions for placing the bubble. The third parameter Z is used to indicate the diameter of the bubble. For more information on Bubble chart, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?AttDesc/BubbleScatter.html Please check our demo gallery of Bubble charts at http://www.fusioncharts.com/explore/bubble-xy-charts From your screenshot, it is seen that you have two axes - X axis and Y axis. Could you please confirm if you want to plot the Bubble chart with three numeric parameters? If yes, please let us know what the third parameter represents. Awaiting your response.
  11. plotSpacePercent for ScrollLine2D

    Hi, Yes, the attribute "plotSpacePercent" is not meant for Scroll Line 2D chart. It seems that the screenshot that you intended to send across did not get attached. Could you please attach it again?
  12. Hi Giorgio, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. We tried to use the XML with negative values to render the JavaScript variant of Select Scatter chart and found that the chart renders fine at our end. Please refer the attached screenshot. Also, there is no error seen in the browser console. However, the chart appears to be having problem in its Flash variant ( no error seen though). We suggest you to to use JavaScript charts instead of Flash charts since JavaScript/HTML 5 charts provide better inter-browser operability. For converting your current Flash chart to JavaScript chart, you may use JavaScript alias name for chart creation instead of SWF file name. Ref. var myChart = new FusionCharts("SelectScatter", "SelectChart", "550", "400", "1"); Hope this helps.
  13. Hi, We created a sample and tested it on IE 8. It seems to be working fine on IE 8 too. Attached the sample for your reference. Do test it at your end and let us know your feedback. Map -resize.zip
  14. Tooltip z-index problem.

    Hi Razvan, The default z-index applied to tooltip is '999'. So, if you are setting the parent container with higher z-index value, you would need to set the z-index for the element having id "fusioncharts-tooltip-element" accordingly. Try the following: #chartContainer1 { position: absolute; z-index: 1000; } #fusioncharts-tooltip-element{ z-index: 2000; } Awaiting your feedback.
  15. Drilldown of Chart

    Hi, 1. Can we have a button on chart like back button which is shown if we drill to some level of chart?. As, now I am disposing parent chart and rendering new chart using javacript function. So, I need a button on which I will render parent chart again and dispose the child chart. Is this possible to have button on chart? Ans: No, it is not possible to have a button over a chart. 2. In our application Charts Id and Charts are creating dynamically. So, when I am drilling a chart using js function and disposing parent chart and rendering new chart, I want the same div id in which parent chart is rendering. So can we do this? Ans: Yes, after disposing the chart, it is possible to create the new chart with the same ID. 3. Can we do same like above function to get the reference of current element? Ans: Yes, you may refer to the chart container in the similar way but using quotes. Ref. $("#chartContainer").updateFusionCharts({ swfUrl: "../../../Charts/Pie3D.swf" }); Hope this helps.
  16. Hi, If you want your map to re-size according to the dimensions of your containing Div, then you may set the dimensions of the map and Div in percentages. You may set the dimensions of HTML,Body,Div elements to 100% and then the dimensions of the map to desired percentage. Ref. <head> <style> html, body { height: 100%; width: 100%; } div { height: 100%; width: 100%; } </style> </head> <body> <div id="mapdiv" >FusionMaps.</div> <script type="text/javascript"> var map = new FusionCharts("../flash/FCMap_World8.swf", "Map1Id", "30%", "30%", "0", "0"); map.setDataURL("../flash/data.xml"); map.render("mapdiv"); </script> </body> When you do this, the map will always occupy 30% of the Div. You may try re-sizing the browser window to see the change. Hope this helps.
  17. Drilldown of Chart

    Hi, 1. Sorry to say that but your demo sample for drill-down, which you have given above is not working. When I click on bar for 2004 year, it doesn't load anything and remains as usual. Please look into this. >> You need to host the sample on a server. You may then use localhost on your machine to run it. Many browsers restrict JavaScript from accessing local file system owing to security reasons. If you run the files from a server, it will run absolutely fine, though. 2. Can you please let me know whether fusion chart api provides export functionality for drilldown charts if we goes upto nth level? so, that all charts upto we goes come into one file i.e. jpg or pdf. >> Each chart in the drill down can be exported separately. It is not possible to obtain all the charts present in linked charts in one single Image/PDF, as of now. Hope this helps.
  18. Drilldown of Chart

    Hi, PFA the attachment. First data plot of each chart has been provided a link. Hope this helps. configure link Drill down.zip
  19. Hi, Please confirm if you want map to occupy the entire width and height of entire page and want it to re-size when you re-size your window. For Eg. http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/Code/MyFirstChart/site-visitor-resize-dynamic.html Do you want to your map to re-size like this?
  20. Hi, Apologies for delay. The problem reported by you, "Zoom line chart not zooming its contents when rendered inside a panel", has been identified as a bug. Our Engineering team shall be working towards fixing it. We shall keep updating you of further updates. Hope this helps.
  21. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    Hi Joe, Welcome to FusionCharts forum. We shall update you about both these features, shortly. Hope this helps.
  22. Custom attributes and drilldown of chart

    Hi, It is possible to set a custom attribute to chart element and obtain it in a JavaScript function which gets called when you click on any data plot of chart. You may follow the below given code: Eg. <chart ... customAtt='Column3D' > JS: function getdataFunc() { var xmlStr=FusionCharts("myChartId").getXMLData(); var xmlObj=( new window.DOMParser() ).parseFromString(xmlStr, "text/xml"); var y=xmlObj.getElementsByTagName("chart")[0]; alert(y.getAttribute("customAtt")); } However, when you use a JavaScript function as a value to link attribute, you will not be using Linked charts (but just a drill down feature). Hence, configureLink() function is not in the picture. If you want to replace the parent chart with a new chart, then you may dispose the old chart and create a new chart in place of it. For information on dispose() function, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/JavaScript/API/Methods.html Hope this helps.
  23. Drilldown of Chart

    Hi, @Momi and tutibordoloi : please refer the link : http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/14980-x-axis-labels-as-links-using-json/ @Rohit: Please find the answers below: 1. You have specifed type as column2D, so that coming chart is column2d chart. So, if we want three level drilldown then where we have to specify column type? Ans: As said in my previous post, if you have multiple levels of drill down each opening a new chart type, then use "swfUrl" (for Flash chart) or "type" (for JS chart) multiple times. 2. And for the swf url you mentioned in above post, if drill down is upto four levels then according to order of swf url you placed(In configurelink method) will mapped accordingly to each level of drill down chart? Ans: Yes. Please refer configureLink() at http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?JavaScript/API/Methods.html 3. Can we configure "type" or, "swfurl" property of configurelink for each link on any chart or, its drilldown chart? So, that on each link click we can open another type of chart different from its parent chart(for drilldown)? Ans: If you want to open different chart types on click of different links in the same chart, then you will have to use Drill down feature with JavaScript function instead of using Linked charts. On click of each link, you may call a JavaScript function, which opens a new chart with the desired chart type. For information on using JavaScript functions as links, refer : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/index.html?DrillDown/JavaScript.html Hope this helps.