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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Can I use the drill down functionality in a stackedcolumn2d chart? I noticed that we can use drill down in column2d chart. I want to use JavaScript link so when clicked on the stacked bar, I can execute js function. Thank You
  2. 2nd level drill down problem

    Hi, I am using Django. I am able to succeed in the first drill-down and the linked chart is displaying the data correctly. But when I click on the data plots in the linked chart it is showing "No Data to display". I am sharing my code below. def chart1(request): dataSource = {} dataSource['chart'] = { "caption": "Regional Sales", "showValues": "0", "theme": "fusion" } dataSource['data'] = [] dataSource['linkeddata'] = [] sbc = MTD.pdobjects.all() sbc_df = sbc.to_dataframe().reset_index(drop=True)#Trying to use filtered model for dataframe sbc_df['Sales_Value']=sbc_df['Sales_Value'].astype(float) rgn_gb=sbc_df.groupby('RGN')['Sales_Value'].sum().reset_index() RGN=list(rgn_gb['RGN']) RGN_val=list(rgn_gb['Sales_Value']) sbc_gb=pandas.pivot_table(sbc_df,index=['Channel','RGN'],values=['Sales_Value'],aggfunc='sum').reset_index() vert_gb=pandas.pivot_table(sbc_df,index=['Vertical','Channel','RGN'],values=['Sales_Value'],aggfunc='sum').reset_index() for i in range(len(RGN)): data = {} data['label'] = RGN data['value'] = RGN_val data['link'] = 'newchart-json-'+ RGN dataSource['data'].append(data) linkData = {} linkData['id'] = RGN linkedchart = {} linkedchart['chart'] = { "caption" : "Channelwise Sales " + RGN , "showValues": "0", "theme": "fusion", } linkedchart['data'] = [] sbc_filtered=sbc_gb[sbc_gb.RGN == RGN] Channel_list=list(sbc_filtered['Channel']) Channel_val=list(sbc_filtered['Sales_Value']) for k in range(len(sbc_filtered)): arrDara = {} arrDara['label'] = Channel_list[k] arrDara['value'] = Channel_val[k] arrDara['link'] = 'newchart-json-'+ Channel_list[k] linkedchart['data'].append(arrDara) linkData1 = {} linkData1['id'] = Channel_list[k] linkedchart1 = {} linkedchart1['chart'] = { "caption" : "Verticalwise Sales" + Channel_list[k] , "showValues": "0", "theme": "fusion", } linkedchart1['data'] = [] sbc2_filtered=vert_gb[(vert_gb.RGN == RGN) & (vert_gb.Channel == Channel_list[k])] Vertical_list=list(sbc2_filtered['Vertical']) Vertical_val=list(sbc2_filtered['Sales_Value']) for j in range(len(sbc2_filtered)): darrDara = {} darrDara['label'] = Vertical_list[j] darrDara['value'] = Vertical_val[j] linkedchart1['data'].append(darrDara) linkData1['linkedchart'] = linkedchart1 dataSource['linkeddata'].append(linkData1) linkData['linkedchart'] = linkedchart dataSource['linkeddata'].append(linkData) column2D = FusionCharts("column2D", "ex1" , "700", "400", "chart-1", "json", dataSource) return render(request, 'table.html',{'output':column2D.render()}) I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. I believe that there is no problem with indentation. Please help me to resolve this. Thanks Vicky
  3. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Hi, In javascript version of Fusioncharts, there was a function to call for the drilldowns like link="JavaScript:myJSFunction('USA', 235);" . Is there any provision available in the angular2 version as well? Regards, Ravi
  4. Hello, i have a list with the following data (small export) as attached I want a Chart which is based on a monthly base and a DrillDown 1st Chart: Group: Date (Month) / Series by Department --> This works fine 2nd Chart (DrillDown): Drilldown by Department -> Results in an empty chart 3rd Chart (DrillDown): Drilldown by Trend -> Couldnt check because the error in 2nd chart What is my Problem? I understand that it is possible to make multiple DriiDowns. But based on Text-Information it doesnt word :-( Regards David DrillDown_Excel.pdf
  5. Hi, This must be strange to ask but is there anyway for the disable the drilldown functionality of linkedchart??????? for some reason i need to disable this feature. for in this example if i click the column i dont want the linkedchart to render what attribute do i need to disable????????????
  6. Hi, I need urgent help. I am trying to show prettyphoto with jquery change event. In the first time change of html dropdown data, prettyphoto working fine but when I am changing again the html dropdown data the the prettyphoto does not work. Can any1 help me? Here is the attachment of the full job. Thanks Julhas Sujan
  7. Is it possible to use drill down or linked charts on bulb, cylinder or thermometer widgets?
  8. Hello, Can we give custom attribute to any chart tag and access that value by clicking on partcular point of any chart(in case of drilldown)? And after accesing this value, can we dynamic configure the Charttype by calling the function "Configurelink" and setting its property of "swfurl" or, "Type" that is going to appear next? kindly, share your thoughts. Thanks, Rohit
  9. Drilldown of Chart

    Hello, How we can drilldown through any chart and the chart coming next on click of any particular point on previous chart will be of any type of chart (By passing Xml string instead of Xml file path/url) ? Thanks, Rohit