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  1. Fusion chart functionality to switch between datasets

    Hi Srishti, No Worries ! Thanks for replying. I will take a look at it. I will let you know if I have any questions. Best Regards Sneha
  2. Hi, I am looking for some help where I need to know if fusion chart has a functionality to switch between datasets(apart from toggling the legend on and off ) at run time by clicking on a button or radio button so as to make the GUI more user friendly. This is one of the requirements I need to work on for my company. Can anyone let me know how can I make this happen? Thank You
  3. Stackedcolumn2Dlinedy

    Hi Akash, Thanks for confirming. I will go ahead and get the version upgraded. What all information I will have to provide while sending email to [email protected]? This would be for the company I work in. Basically we already have licensed version 3.13. If you can let me know the details required while requesting for upgrade, that would be awesome. I appreciate your help. Thank You Sneha
  4. Stackedcolumn2Dlinedy

    Hi Akash, Thanks for your response. As you advised, I included fusioncharts.charts.js too in my page. I went ahead and opened the first link you have provided for the chart type stackedcolumn2dlinedy. I tried editing the chart in I used the chart json object created from my application and pasted in the editor and the chart showed up correctly but my application errors out with 'Chart type not supported'. I am using Fusioncharts 3.13 version. Is it possible that stackedcolumn2dlinedy chart is supported only in newer versions? When I opened the first link, I could see the version as 3.15 at the top. Can you let me know if I have to upgrade my FusionCharts version or if I am missing something? Any help is appreciated. Thank you Sneha
  5. Stackedcolumn2Dlinedy

    Hi, I am trying to plot stackedolumn2d with trendline and line and dual Y axis. When I use stackedcolumn2dlinedy chart, I get an error 'Chart type not supported. When I use MSStackedColumn2DLineDY chart, I get an error 'No data to display'. I am using one dataset. Please let me know which chart type would be suitable? Thank You
  6. Hello, Can I use the drill down functionality in a stackedcolumn2d chart? I noticed that we can use drill down in column2d chart. I want to use JavaScript link so when clicked on the stacked bar, I can execute js function. Thank You
  7. Need help in setting Donut2d charts attributes

    Thank you for your reply. It worked !
  8. Hi, I need help in setting attributes for donut2d charts I am working on. Below is the snapshot of the donut2d chart I created. As you can see the border of the chart is thickened. I am not able to change that to normal. These are the attributes I am using for my chart - chartConfig.Add("showtooltip", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showValues", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showLabels", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showLegend", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showHoverEffect", "1"); chartConfig.Add("caption", "Measure title"); chartConfig.Add("theme", "fusion"); chartConfig.Add("dataEmptyMessage", "Sorry No Data Found!"); chartConfig.Add("showpercentvalues", "1"); chartConfig.Add("aligncaptionwithcanvas", "0"); chartConfig.Add("valueFontBold", "1"); chartConfig.Add("captionpadding", "0"); chartConfig.Add("paletteColors", "#2c495f,#5895cd,#8db046,#feb948,#d27623,#8b181b,##65649a,#5895cd"); chartConfig.Add("bgColor", "#f8f8f8"); chartConfig.Add("showPercentInTooltip", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showShadow", "0"); chartConfig.Add("legendBgColor", "#f8f8f8"); chartConfig.Add("showBorder", "0"); chartConfig.Add("showPlotBorder", "0"); chartConfig.Add("showCanvasBorder", "0"); chartConfig.Add("borderAlpha", "0"); Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong? Or what do I need to change? Any help is appreciated. Thank You Sneha Kulkarni