Need help in setting Donut2d charts attributes

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I need help in setting attributes for donut2d charts I am working on. Below is the snapshot of the donut2d chart I created. As you can see the border of the chart is thickened. I am not able to change that to normal.


These are the attributes I am using for my chart -

chartConfig.Add("showtooltip", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("showValues", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("showLabels", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("showLegend", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("showHoverEffect", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("caption", "Measure title");
                chartConfig.Add("theme", "fusion");
                chartConfig.Add("dataEmptyMessage", "Sorry No Data Found!");
                chartConfig.Add("showpercentvalues", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("aligncaptionwithcanvas", "0");
                chartConfig.Add("valueFontBold", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("captionpadding", "0");
                chartConfig.Add("paletteColors", "#2c495f,#5895cd,#8db046,#feb948,#d27623,#8b181b,##65649a,#5895cd");
                chartConfig.Add("bgColor", "#f8f8f8");
                chartConfig.Add("showPercentInTooltip", "1");
                chartConfig.Add("showShadow", "0");
                chartConfig.Add("legendBgColor", "#f8f8f8");
                chartConfig.Add("showBorder", "0");
                chartConfig.Add("showPlotBorder", "0");
                chartConfig.Add("showCanvasBorder", "0");
                chartConfig.Add("borderAlpha", "0");


Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong? Or what do I need to change?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

Sneha Kulkarni


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Hi Sneha,


The visual as per the provided image is due to the 3D lighting feature of the Doughnut chart which is enabled by default. You can disable the feature by setting the configuration attribute "use3DLighting" to "0".

Please refer to the sample fiddle using your provided chart configuration attributes along with the above mentioned attribute :




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