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  1. Javascript-Chart Type Not Supported

    Hi Shourya, Extract the zip that you get from the provided download link of the trial version, where you will get the fusioncharts.js, fusioncharts.widgets.js and other JS files in the package extracted. To render an Angular gauge, use the <script> tags in your HTML page as below to include the required JS files from the package by providing the respective paths : <script type="838148fb95bf1f5e127ccc9f-text/javascript" src="path to file fusioncharts.js"></script> <script type="838148fb95bf1f5e127ccc9f-text/javascript" src="path to file fusioncharts.widgets.js"></script> For further reference, check the steps and instruction provided in the below documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/getting-started/plain-javascript/your-first-gauge-using-plain-javascript Thanks, Akash.
  2. Javascript-Chart Type Not Supported

    Hi Shourya, You are using a very older version of FusionCharts files. The file - FusionCharts.HC.js is no longer available. You need to use fusioncharts.js file and other required JS files from the current version(3.15.0-sr.1) library to render charts. Refer to the below documentation to render gauges : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/getting-started/plain-javascript/your-first-gauge-using-plain-javascript Download the trial version of the current(3.15.0-sr.1) library : https://www.fusioncharts.com/download/fusioncharts-suite-xt Thanks, Akash.
  3. Change X-Axis field in Bar/Line chart

    Hi Apurva, Interchangeable x-axis is not supported in a single chart. However, as per your explanation of the requirement, you can render to different dataSource on the same chart using setJSONData() API method. This method could be invoked on the radio button click event function. Please refer to this sample using the above technique to set the chart data with respect to Months and Products : https://codepen.io/Akash008/pen/JjoeQOz?editors=0110 Thanks, Akash.
  4. Change X-Axis field in Bar/Line chart

    Hi Apurva, As per our understanding, you want to have a time-series representation of the x-axis, where you can explore the data with atomicity on the x-axis. This feature is supported in the FusionTime product which works exclusively with time series data. Documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/fusiontime/getting-started/how-fusion-time-works Sample showcased : https://www.fusioncharts.com/fusiontime/examples Bar chart of FusionCharts does not support this feature. Thanks, Akash.
  5. Hi, Yes, you can render multiple charts in a single page. Please note : Each chart renders on a web component like a div. So for multiple charts you need to have multiple div, one for each chart. Also you need to include the required JS files of FusionCharts to render the chart. fusioncharts.js (Required for all charts and maps) fusioncharts.charts.js (Requqired for scroll charts from FusionChartsXT package) fusioncharts.widgets.js (Required for gantt chart from FusionWidgetsXT package) Refer to the sample : Thanks, Akash.
  6. Export multiple graph to image

    Hi, You can check the BatchExport feature of FusionCharts that exports multiple charts in a single image file. Documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/exporting-charts/using-fc-export-server/exporting-multiple-charts-in-a-single-image Thanks, Akash.
  7. FusionChart overlappedColumn2d chart

    Hi, The required feature is not supported in Overlapped charts as of now. Please check the documentation of Overlapped charts for reference : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/standard-charts/overlapped-column-and-bar-charts Thanks, Akash.
  8. Fusion Chart Export feature

    Hi Kelly, The reported issue has been fixed now, please check the below sample fiddle for reference : http://jsfiddle.net/t3ryxc2p/ Thanks, Akash.
  9. Hi Remy, The trendline issue has been fixed. Please check the below sample fiddle for reference : http://jsfiddle.net/c1ud3xr6/ Thanks, Akash.
  10. Enable or Disable item from de chart and Legend

    Hi, Please find a sample fiddle for reference to enable/disable a dataset based on the selected check box : http://jsfiddle.net/zqre18xn/ Thanks, Akash.
  11. [FusionTime] How to use setChartAttribute?

    Hi, We would check with the documentation of the Chart configurations and Root JSON attributes. However, you can check the navigator configuration details in the below link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/fusiontime/fusiontime-component/time-navigator#show-hide-time-navigator As mentioned, to update the "navigator" or any object that belong to the dataSource, the setChartData() method need to be used. For FT charts, the chart "type" is always "timeseries". For different type of plots, you can set the "type" within the "yAxis" object of the dataSource. Plot type documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/fusiontime/getting-started/change-plot-type-in-fusiontime Since, the "type" for yAxis object is part of the dataSource, so to change the plot type you need to modify the dataSource and then update it using setChartData() API method. Please note : setChartAttribute() API method would not work to change the plot type. Thanks, Akash.
  12. Need to display multiple labels under chart

    Hi, The chart type that you are using is "scrollcolumn2d". 1. The values are displayed on top or inside the column plots in a scrollcolumn2d chart type as in the below sample. It is not possible to display the values below the plots or at the bottom of the chart. Sample fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/bdxzrg8f/ 2. The series names are displayed as legends on the chart. The legends represent series, whereas the values are the plot values which belong to one of the series. So it is not possible to display values at the legends which represent series and not individual plots. To avoid misinterpretation of your requirement, it would be better if you could share a mock-up image of the chart to show where you want the values to be displayed. Thanks, Akash.
  13. Need to display multiple labels under chart

    Hi, Please mention the exact chart type, as it seems as per the image provided there is a scroll bar below the chart. For a scroll column chart, the annotations on the chart would not move on scrolling the chart, as annotations are static in nature. Scroll chart documentation : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/standard-charts/scroll-charts Annotations documentation : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/chart-configurations/annotations/creating-annotations/create-text-annotations FusionCharts displays the x-axis category labels on a multi-series chart type, so please elaborate your above your statement. Thanks, Akash.
  14. Europe Map

    Hi, To change the child map type or chart type in a drill down map or chart, you need to use the configureLink() API method to set the child map type. Please refer to the documentation link for the details of configureLink() API method : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/api/fusioncharts/fusioncharts-methods#configureLink Also find a sample for reference : http://jsfiddle.net/fusioncharts/dcfc6o86/ Thanks, Akash.
  15. [FusionTime] How to use setChartAttribute?

    Hi, The API method setChartAttribute() updates a chart's attributes with a new attribute-value pair of the chart object of the dataSource. The "navigator" object or any other object that is not part of the chart object cannot be updated using setChartAttribute() API method. To update the "navigator" or any object that belong to the dataSource, you need to use setChartData() API method to update the entire dataSource in which the navigator belongs. Thanks, Akash.