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  1. Horizontal bar chart

    Hi, Labels of a horizontal bar chart cannot be to left justified as of now. Thanks, Akash.
  2. Single Column Width

    Hi, The width of the column in a column chart having a single column plot is rendered based on the chart dimension. You can set the width of the column according to your requirement using the below possible configurations : - using "plotSpacePercent" attribute. - using "maxColWidth" attribute. Please check the sample fiddle for reference : http://jsfiddle.net/7qro1dxj/3/ Thanks, Akash.
  3. Hi Satya, Yes, you can display HTML table instead of the traditional tooltip to show the plot details on hovering the plot. You can refer to the below sample for the implementation : http://jsfiddle.net/6deM9/918/ However, to display the plot details in tooltip, you can use the pre-defined set of macros supported by FusionCharts, like $dataValue, $displayValue, etc. But for any additional values that you want to display, macros will not work as they are not available or pre-defined in the supported macros list. Please check the documentation for reference to the macros list of tooltip : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/chart-configurations/tool-tips#list-of-tooltip-macros Thanks, Akash.
  4. Hand icon on scatter chart data points

    Hi Satya, Thanks for the acknowledgement. Thanks, Akash.
  5. Hand icon on scatter chart data points

    Hi Satya, Natively FusionCharts does not support displaying the hand tool on hovering the plots on the charts. You could achieve it by setting the style by manipulating the SVG class of the rendered chart accordingly. So, as the SVG structure vary based on for each chart types, you need to catch the class as in the below sample fiddle for Scatter chart : http://jsfiddle.net/152ydxjw/3/ Thanks, Akash.
  6. Pie Chart Chart Size and Label Position in side Pie

    Hi Imran, - Text annotations are static components(custom text) on the chart. It could be placed anywhere on the chart by specifying the "x" and "y" attribute pixel values. So, to place them on top of the pie slices, you need to provide the x and y values according to your pie data. - The radius of the Pie cannot be provided in percentage. If you are setting "pieRadius", that means you are setting the radius in pixels explicitly and it would not be responsive. However, if you do not set the explicit radius, the pie would be responsive. Please note : As per the space management feature, if you hide the default pie labels and values(that appears outside the pie), then the pie dimension increases even without setting the "pieRadius". Also it would be responsive. Thanks, Akash.
  7. label getting converted to anchor tags

    Hi Mayank, Could you please elaborate the issue that you are facing. Also it would be great if you could provide a sample replicating this issue so that we can check at our end. Thanks, Akash.
  8. Hi, Yes, zoomTo() and resetChart() API methods for Zoomline chart are available in the current version that is 3.13.5-sr.1. Please refer to the below link for the list of API methods : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/api/fusioncharts/fusioncharts-methods Also find the below working samples for reference, with no error thrown on invoking these methods on the chart object references : Sample fiddle(zoomTo) : http://jsfiddle.net/rnev37pd/1/ Sample fiddle(resetChart) : http://jsfiddle.net/co3hetu5/3/ Thanks, Akash.
  9. Pie Chart Chart Size and Label Position in side Pie

    Hi Imran, - The labels/values of the pie slices cannot be displayed on the slices, as it is not supported. Since it might result in overlapping or going out of the slices in case of long labels, so this is natively not supported. - You can explicitly set the pie chart radius using the supported configuration attribute "pieRadius" and set the value in pixels. Please refer to the documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/standard-charts/pie-and-doughnut-charts#customize-pie-radius As a work-around you can set the pieRadius to set a large Pie chart, then you can hide the labels, values and legends by setting the attributes showLabels, showValues and showLegend to "0" respectively. To display the label and values on the pie slices, you can use Text annotation feature to display any text on the chart by specifying the "x" and "y" attributes of the annotations object. Documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/chart-configurations/annotations/creating-annotations/create-text-annotations Also find a sample fiddle implementing the above technique : http://jsfiddle.net/7j2hkLtr/2/ Please note : Annotations are static in nature. Thanks, Akash.
  10. y axis max/min

    Hi, Thanks for the acknowledgement. Glad to know that the solutions provided was helpful. Thanks, Akash.
  11. y axis max/min

    Hi, If you do not want to plot the line or series for numerator and denominator on the chart, but want only the values to show in tooltip on hovering the line plots(of Metric series). Then you can define the "toolText" attributes within individual data objects of a simple line chart, with the numerator and denominator values so that they are shown in the tooltip. Please refer to the below samples for reference : Sample with numerator and denominator(static) in toolText attribute : http://jsfiddle.net/yrt9zqpv/2/ Sample with numerator and denominator(from variable array) in toolText attribute : http://jsfiddle.net/yrt9zqpv/3/ Thanks, Akash.
  12. y axis max/min

    Hi, Please find the below points with respect to the y-axis limits and dataset values : - The dataset(line series) is plotted against the y-axis. It would accommodate all the provided values within the y-axis range. (For example -if the dataset have values ranging from 0 to 10000, the y-axis would accommodate them in the scale 0 to 10000) - The y-axis limits could be explicitly set using "yAxisMinValue" and "yAxisMaxValue" attributes, but if the values provided in the dataset exceeds the explicitly set limit, the y-axis limits would be modified accordingly to accommodate all the values. (For example - explicitly range set as 0 and 10000, but a value is present in dataset like 10008, then the y-axis scale would be modified) - It is not possible to restrict to plot a value if it exceeds the explicitly set minimum or maximum range of y-axis. So, for your case, when you are plotting numerator and denominator against the y-axis with value ranging on higher side like 1000000, along with the other metric dataset series with values ranging to 100. The single y-axis would accommodate all the values on its scale of 0 to 1000000. Hence, the metric dataset line would appear at the bottom as per the y-axis scale. Alternatively, we would suggest you to use the dual y-axis chart types to overcome this situation. Chart type - mscombidy2d You can plot the "metric" dataset on the secondary y-axis on the right separately, so that it can render on the right axis with a scale of 0 to 100. Please find the below sample for reference : http://jsfiddle.net/ezqaft37/1/ Documentation link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/standard-charts/combination-charts#2d-dual-y-axis-combination-chart Attribute list : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-attributes/mscombidy2d Thanks, Akash.
  13. Multi-series Stacked Column w/ subcategories

    Hi, Thanks for the acknowledgement. Glad to know that the solution was helpful. However, for positioning the annotations, you can refer to the below documentation for the supported positioning macros that are available : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/chart-configurations/annotations/positioning-annotations-using-macros Thanks, Akash.
  14. Multi-series Stacked Column w/ subcategories

    Hi, As of now FusionCharts does not support sub labels in the x-axis(or category axis) natively. However, if you only want to display the texts "ELA" and "Math" at each of the x-axis labels to signify what the column stack represents, you can use the Text annotations of FusionCharts to display them. Refer to the documentation link for reference to Text annotations : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-guide/chart-configurations/annotations/creating-annotations/create-text-annotations Please note : Annotations are static in nature. Also find a sample fiddle using Text annotation to render the above chart : http://jsfiddle.net/tszwa8ju/3/ Thanks, Akash.
  15. Autoexport chart to a location

    Hi, To export the chart you need to call the exportChart() API method. Now to export the chart automatically when the chart loads, you can invoke the exportChart() method with in the "renderComplete" API event of FusionCharts. This event is triggered when the chart completes its rendering, hence invoking the exportChart() API method would export the chart automatically when the chart completes rendering. API event list of FusionCharts : https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/api/fusioncharts/fusioncharts-events Sample fiddle : https://jsfiddle.net/oeg1b8ya/2/ Thanks, Akash.