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Found 6 results

  1. I want to change heat map chart design like HTML table. Is it possible? My table has 1 header on its top and left, and no total. It's simpler than sample image.
  2. Hi, it is possible in PowerCharts to set an image behind the heatmap as background? I want to have the image behind the heatmap, not behind the labels. Otherwise it makes no sense. Because the heatmap must have x-coordinates and y-coordinates of the picture. (not the same labels as in that example.) example in fiddle
  3. Hi, I was using fusion charts 3.4 in the past and the heatmap was rendering fine. After I updated the library to 3.10.1, it doesnot render. In the browser console, I see: fusioncharts.js:38 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'labellink' of undefined There are other charts in the application, which work fine, but load relatively slower than they used to when it was 3.4. Can I get any help on resolving this. Thanks, Vijay
  4. Heatmap click

    Do you happen to have a small sample that uses JSON data in a heatmap that calls a JavaScript on the same page that passes the row and column data? Thanks Bill
  5. Hello there! I'm using Heatmap and liking it performance, but if i want to plot a 9k data (hour/day for a year) it gets really slow and browser crash alot (using chrome). Does it happen to anyone else? what can i do? i really need to handle that lenght of information. thank you
  6. Hi , I have used heatmap in my project. i want to disply in the row & column level tool tip. Find the attached image. Is that possible in heatmap? Thanks in advance.