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  1. Hi , I have used heatmap in my project. i want to disply in the row & column level tool tip. Find the attached image. Is that possible in heatmap? Thanks in advance.
  2. fusioncharts.js file error

    Hi All, Latest Fusion Charts javascript file (3.3.1) have error in 24th line. Is that any issue on this error?
  3. How to display value in pie chart

    Hi Sanjukta, Thanks for your reply. I have used skipOverlapLabels='0'. Now working fine. All the values are displayed in the chart.
  4. Hi, I have used pie chart in one of my projects. All the values displayed with text. But if all the values are zero, labels are overlapping and few values are not displayed in the chart area. But if i increase the chart size, visible in the screen. How we can show all the values with minimum width & height. (example W 320 px, H 400 Px). Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi , I am using the licensed fusion chart version. But currently using charts are too old. How do i update/ download the latest versions ? Is that i can download the power charts from this license? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi All, In my project i used the stacked columns chart (StackedColumn3D). Tool tip not displayed as full text. if example chart width 500 px, tool tip starts from 2nd or third word. How can we display the full length tool tip ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sumedh, Thanks for your reply. I got we need to run from server. But i am using without server, kind of standalone (for demo purpose). So without server JS will not work ?
  8. Hi All, I am using drag & node chart in my project. Is that possible to add custom "context menu" in the chart? If yes , can u tell me how to add. Thanks in advance. squberam
  9. Hi Sumedh, Yes i am using from the system. is that possible ?
  10. Hi, I am using power chart in my project. using link to navigate different data/page. I used the following code. But not working in the browser. Let me know how to solve this? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- link="j-myfunction-p1,p2" and also i tried with the following one link="JavaScript:myfunction('p1, p2'); -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, Squberam