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Found 2 results

  1. I have been attempting to upgrade to the latest version as we would like to use some of the new features but I have come across a series of problems in our previously created charts that I am unable to find a fix for. 1 - Zoom options menu on Zoom Scatter charts: is it possible to hide this element? 2 - Zoom scatter anchors have a grey border. Most other charts base the border colour on the colour of the series which in turn is based off the palettecolors in the theme. In previous versions I was able to avoid this problem by setting anchorBorderThickness to 0 but this setting is not functional in 3.11.0 for zoomscatter. 3 - Zoom scatter hover effect is turning the point white instead of keeping the anchor the same colour (which is default behaviour for all other charts and for zoomscatter on 3.10.1). The following fiddle displays problems 2 and 3. 4 - We were previously able to set showAnchor/s to 0 to turn off tooltips for a single anchor/series. I have attempted to use the new drawAnchors value but the tooltips are still displayed. Is there a way to turn off tooltips for a single series (specifically for a scatter chart) in 3.11.0. 5 - When more than one scroll chart is on a page, and the first chart starts with no scroll bar displayed, and javascript sets numVisiblePlot low enough that the scroll bar should be shown, the scroll bar is being added to the most recently generated chart on the page and not the one that was altered (unless that was the most recently rendered). The following fiddle shows this problem: If you click the zoomIn button, the scroll bar is attached to the second chart (salesRevChart2) when the button is altering values in the first chart (salesRevChart). The scroll bar is still alters the display of the first chart (SalesRevChart) Some of these seem like they might be bugs with 3.11.0, so I would be grateful for any information regarding fixes for these issues. Thank you, Alex Dunn
  2. Hi, I was using fusion charts 3.4 in the past and the heatmap was rendering fine. After I updated the library to 3.10.1, it doesnot render. In the browser console, I see: fusioncharts.js:38 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'labellink' of undefined There are other charts in the application, which work fine, but load relatively slower than they used to when it was 3.4. Can I get any help on resolving this. Thanks, Vijay