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  1. Heatmap click

    I got it working. I added a column ds.Tables(0).Columns.Add("link", Type.GetType("System.String")) then created the JSON object like ds.Tables(0).Rows(i).Item("link") = "j-myJS-" + ds.Tables(0).Rows(i).Item("linkvalue")
  2. Heatmap click

    Do you happen to have a small sample that uses JSON data in a heatmap that calls a JavaScript on the same page that passes the row and column data? Thanks Bill
  3. clear chart data

    I'm using the jQuery plug in and have no problems with $("#chart-container").insertFusionCharts({ type: 'heatmap', renderAt: 'chart-container', // width: '400', // height: '300', dataFormat: 'json', id: "BoxId" }); and $("#chart-container").updateFusionCharts({ dataFormat: "json", dataSource: { etc but my question is how can I clear the chart? $("#chart-container").clearChart(); does not seem to work
  4. In a Heatmap is it possible to hide the row and Column ID's? All I want to end up with is the box layout without any labels.
  5. Cannot Style Heatmap Y Axis Labels

    I think that I need to use a Grid since I want to have values in a row and column format with the ability to drill down. Once I drill down then I guess I can product the chart at that point. The HeatMap looked perfect until I started working with it and saw the limitations.
  6. Cannot Style Heatmap Y Axis Labels

    Can I put a hyperlink into the rowid? Or is the best thing to do is to use an HTML 5 grid instead or possibly can I set up the Drag Node chart in rows and columns if I programmatically create the x and y's? Thanks
  7. Cannot Style Heatmap Y Axis Labels

    I know that this is a bit old thread but I need to drill down on the label and run a javascript function and was wondering if this is still the best practice method?