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Found 10 results

  1. Im currently developing a dashboard with timeseries data, i retrieve the data from my laravel controller. But now im running into the following issue: fusioncharts.js:formatted:9100 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at Function.isArray (<anonymous>) Its quite hard to find a awnser online so that why i came here. This is the code i use for creating the chart. Promise.all([ @json($array), @json($schema) ]).then(function(res) { const data = res[0]; const schema = res[1]; const dataStore = new FusionCharts.DataStore(); = dataStore.createDataTable(data, schema); new FusionCharts({ type: "timeseries", renderAt: "graph-container", width: "100%", height: "400", dataSource: { data: dataStore, chart:{ "theme": "fusion" }, caption: { text: "Products on pallet." }, subcaption: { text: "Lorem Ipsum...." }, yaxis: [ { plot: [ { value: "Products", connectnulldata: true } ], title: "Products on pallet", min: "130" } ] } }).render(); }); Can someone explain why the error occurs?
  2. I have four stacked columns in a chart with too much white space. Is there a way to increase the column width? I can't find any examples or clear explanation in the docs. Thanks in advance.
  3. Data Value Click Event ?

    Hi There is any Data value click event for Pyramid chart. My requirement is need to display the pop up while click on the data value DataplotclickEvent is work fine while click on the green or blue color etc.. I need the same thing on data value like management or senior analyst or etc.. Plz someone help to solve this tricky thing I have spend long time by searching in google and document. I cant able to get the answer for the above Question.
  4. In the manual an example is provided for the usage of an HTML table as a datasource for a mscolumn2d type of chart. Is it possible to have an HTMLtable as the datasource for an angular gauge? How should the HTML table look like for the angular gauge? The gauge is drawed but how to set the colorRange and dial values? Thanks for any help, Erwin
  5. Hello Everyone, I am quite new to Fusioncharts. I am trying to generate some charts in my application. I have followed many tutorials or instruction to generate a simple chart. Everything seems to be fine but still there is no chart generated, except the span. The div i am trying to show chart in, is just a simple div with an id. When the code executes to generate the chart it only generates the span with right width and height but nothing else. I have been trying to solve this problem or at least to know the reason but i haven't been successful yet. I have also posted this problem on stackoverflow but no luck so far. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me whats going on, Thank you.
  6. clear chart data

    I'm using the jQuery plug in and have no problems with $("#chart-container").insertFusionCharts({ type: 'heatmap', renderAt: 'chart-container', // width: '400', // height: '300', dataFormat: 'json', id: "BoxId" }); and $("#chart-container").updateFusionCharts({ dataFormat: "json", dataSource: { etc but my question is how can I clear the chart? $("#chart-container").clearChart(); does not seem to work
  7. Sorry for the repost i just attach the file for my work i wish i can get an immediate response....... hi i am newbie in FusionCharts......... following samples in goes smoothly until i reach this problem...... i am following this sample http://docs.fusionch...s-of-chart.html My problem is the Thumbnail atttributes is not DISABLING........ the difference between my codes and the sample is the source of the data....... In my codes i am getting the json data from an external json file......... besides that difference nothing else differs...... more info my thumbnail resize it works....... it just the attributes are not disabling.......... it like i have small charts......... il post my codes here hope i can get an immediate response......... Thank You very much in advance.................. FusionCharts.ready(function(){ var createThumbNail = function(chartId, width, height, divId) { var chartRef = FusionCharts(chartId), clonedChart = chartRef.clone({ "width": width, "height": height }); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // i think this part of the codes is not working............ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// clonedChart.setChartAttribute({ "showValues": "0", "showLabels": "0", "animation": "0", "exportEnabled": "0", "showTooltip": "0", "showHoverEffect": "0", "showYAxisValues": "0", "caption": "", "subCaption": "", "xAxisName": "", "yAxisName": "", "showXAxisLine": "0", "showYAxisLine": "0", "numDivLines": "0", "enableSlicing": "0", "enableRotation": "0" }); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // i think this part of the codes is not working............ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// clonedChart.addEventListener('chartClick', function() { FusionCharts(chartId).render('chart-container'); }); clonedChart.render(divId, 'append'); }; var daily = new FusionCharts({ "type": "msstackedcolumn2d", "renderAt": "chart-container", "width": "800", "height": "500", "dataFormat": "jsonurl", "id": "chart1", //"dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + "/chartdata2.json" "dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + + "/js/jsondata/jsondataDaily.json" }); var weekly = new FusionCharts({ "type": "msstackedcolumn2d", "renderAt": "chart-container", "width": "800", "height": "500", "dataFormat": "jsonurl", "id": "chart2", //"dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + "/chartdata2.json" "dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + + "/js/jsondata/jsondataQuarter.json" }); // create thumbnails for all the three charts createThumbNail('chart1', 300, 300, 'thumbnail1'); createThumbNail('chart2', 300, 300, 'thumbnail2'); weekly.render(); }); // end of code
  8. Hi, I need urgent help. I am trying to show prettyphoto with jquery change event. In the first time change of html dropdown data, prettyphoto working fine but when I am changing again the html dropdown data the the prettyphoto does not work. And Can any1 help me? Here is the attachment of the full job. Thanks Julhas Sujan
  9. 1. I am getting this error message when I render any Chart in a JQuery Dialog under IE8 browser. Particularly, Line Chart does not render Point or Dots over Line . Message: Error while retrieving data from the chart-object. Line: 32 Char: 481 Code: 0 URI: http://localhost:8080/SupplyChain/js/graph/FusionCharts.js
  10. Back Button not working

    Hi All, I have integrated Fusion chart trail version to My cakephp project and I have passed the datas from database to fusion charts. Its working fine. But when I click on year which is goes to Month, In that I didn't get back button. How can I integrate the Back Button.Please advice me. Thanks in Advance.