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Found 9 results

  1. I have used fusion charts in my application (Ionic framework v3 with Angular) and I have built release APK. But there's an issue with fusion charts. Please help. ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: t is not a function TypeError: t is not a function at t.resolveFusionCharts (vendor.js:1) at new t (vendor.js:1) at Ee (vendor.js:1) at Me (vendor.js:1) at ke (vendor.js:1) at tn (vendor.js:1) at hn (vendor.js:1) at un (vendor.js:1) at tn (vendor.js:1) at hn (vendor.js:1) at t.resolveFusionCharts (vendor.js:1) at new t (vendor.js:1) at Ee (vendor.js:1) at Me (vendor.js:1) at ke (vendor.js:1) at tn (vendor.js:1) at hn (vendor.js:1) at un (vendor.js:1) at tn (vendor.js:1) at hn (vendor.js:1) at c (polyfills.js:3) at Object.reject (polyfills.js:3) at e._fireError (vendor.js:1) at e._failed (vendor.js:1) at vendor.js:1 at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3) at Object.onInvoke (vendor.js:1) at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3) at (polyfills.js:3) at polyfills.js:3
  2. I'm looking to have different font colors for data values on a column2D chart .. as described in I can not get the syntax of the font attribute to work using XML .. per the example <chart caption="Scale in Points" subcaption="Pointers for 2012" canvasbgcolor="808080" divlinealpha="0" palette="3" yaxisname="Souls"> <set label="Label 1" displayValue="<font style="color:00008B;"">1.0<font>" value="1.0" /> <set label="Label 2" displayValue="<font style="color:FFFFFF;"">2.0<font>" value="2.0" /> <set label="Label 3" displayValue="<font style="color:000000;"">3.0<font>" value="3.0" /> <set label="Label 4" displayValue="<font style="color:FF008B;"">4.0<font>" value="4.0" /> </chart> Can any member help me ? this is exactly what I need to do but I can not get the XML correct .. i believe it has to do with the use of double " in the XML. I can programatically set the display value attribute based on the value .. but i can't get the syntax to work I know I can use annotations, but that solution is way more complex than getting the above to work Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. Hello Everyone, I am quite new to Fusioncharts. I am trying to generate some charts in my application. I have followed many tutorials or instruction to generate a simple chart. Everything seems to be fine but still there is no chart generated, except the span. The div i am trying to show chart in, is just a simple div with an id. When the code executes to generate the chart it only generates the span with right width and height but nothing else. I have been trying to solve this problem or at least to know the reason but i haven't been successful yet. I have also posted this problem on stackoverflow but no luck so far. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me whats going on, Thank you.
  4. Hi all, We have set up a dashboard with charts rendering from a list on the sharepoint site, the dashboard has 6 charts and are taking up to 40+ seconds to render. We are using sharepoint 2010. To give a brief intro, the source list contains approximately 1500 rows which is a very low volume. The charts perform aggregation based grouped fields which is standard and there are little or no calculated fields. We have tried indexing key fields and using views, but still no improvement. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks
  5. Hi, We are using Fusion Charts in our web application and charts work fine on a browser on the desktop/Laptop. When we try to use the same on a mobile or a hand held device, the charts are not displayed properly. PFA Screenshot of the same. Please let us know how can this problem be resolved. Thanks and regards, Akhila
  6. Hi, I got a problem while rendering Zoomline chart on a page where i am displaying Gantt chart also. Gantt Chart is displaying properly but Zoomline though rendering its not rendering properly. Problems I faced are, * Its not rendering to the height and width i specified. * I can zoom in.But i am unable to zoom out from it, as the button which displays for zoom out is not shown up. Could anyone please let me know the respective files which has to be added in the path where my FusionCharts.js file is residing and also the actual reason why zoomline not rendering properly.
  7. I get the Loading chart .. Please Wait ... error only in my IE 10 alone.. In my Chrome, its working fine. Even when i share the link with others, its working perfectly in their IE 10. But its not working in my IE 10.. I tried changing all the settings which i know.. Can i anyone please help me on this..
  8. Hello, I added recently scrolling to a chart that is showing some data points as diamonds. The problem is that these diamonds are cut in half when these diamonds represent the maximum value in the chart. I am attaching two pictures with before and after adding the scrolling. Is there anything I can do about this? Is this a known problem? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there, I am right now facing some issue with my sample chart website (using the demo provided by your website - as of version for april 2013). My intention is wanna display those charts (Fusion Charts & Fusion Widget) on mobile/browser that did not support the flash on their platform. The problem that i am facing is some chart did not displayed (especially for the fusion widget). For your info I use the fusioncharts.js file (that is included with fusion chart XT demo) & put in in the code behind. below is the sample link : I did try to put the fusioncharts.js (for fusion widget) on the code behind, the fusion widget able to be displayed, but not able to display the fusion chart. what problem that I am facing right now? Is it there some differences between the *.js file provided for fusion charts & fusion widget? is there any better way to overcome this issue? reply ASAP