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  1. Different font Colors for Data Values

    ok .. I'd get that in a new version as it is a pretty basic charting function ..to change font colors on specific elements of a chart
  2. Different font Colors for Data Values

    There was a workaround to that described in the post I referenced to .. why not attempt to help me with the syntax of that instead of constantly referring to annotations ?? some help "out side of the box" would be helpful here
  3. I'm looking to have different font colors for data values on a column2D chart .. as described in I can not get the syntax of the font attribute to work using XML .. per the example <chart caption="Scale in Points" subcaption="Pointers for 2012" canvasbgcolor="808080" divlinealpha="0" palette="3" yaxisname="Souls"> <set label="Label 1" displayValue="<font style="color:00008B;"">1.0<font>" value="1.0" /> <set label="Label 2" displayValue="<font style="color:FFFFFF;"">2.0<font>" value="2.0" /> <set label="Label 3" displayValue="<font style="color:000000;"">3.0<font>" value="3.0" /> <set label="Label 4" displayValue="<font style="color:FF008B;"">4.0<font>" value="4.0" /> </chart> Can any member help me ? this is exactly what I need to do but I can not get the XML correct .. i believe it has to do with the use of double " in the XML. I can programatically set the display value attribute based on the value .. but i can't get the syntax to work I know I can use annotations, but that solution is way more complex than getting the above to work Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  4. Different Data Value Font Colors

    That changes the label color .. I need the color of the value to change
  5. Hi There .. I'm trying to get the xml you describe in the following post to work and I can not .. 

    Can you perhaps update that thread with some XML that shows how to do it?  I'm using javascript charts but I can not get the xml example to work and the download does not open anything.

    I would appreciate some direction as I want to use this for some of my charts


    Thank you in advance

    1. rmortensen


      Hi Swarnam .. I'm still waiting on this .. I've tried different syntax .. can you provide me some direction here?  I really need to get this to work .. Thank You 

  6. Different Data Value Font Colors

    I understand its not available and the annotation option is pretty messy as each chart varies .. I would like to understand if the font tag option outlined in this thread works and if it does what the syntax would be to make it work. I can implement that much easier than the annotation option I would add that as an option in a future version .. it seems that adding a font color option to the set tag would be a valuable addition to the product and many developers would like that as an option when displaying values in a chart again .. does this work and what would the syntax be? <set label="Label 1" displayValue="<font style="color:00008B;"">1.0<font>" value="1.0" />
  7. Different Data Value Font Colors

    for example .. the red bars need values displayed in white so you can see them and the yellow and green black page.tiff
  8. Different Data Value Font Colors

    Thanks for the reply .. I need to change the color of the displayed value on the chart .. Dark for light background charts, Light for dark background charts. Doing at the chart level will not do that .. it will be effective for the whole chart this thread discusses a way to change the text color for a specific chart label .. but the syntax is incorrect .. it does not work .. using the font style parameter in the set section of the XML is the way I need to do it
  9. Different Data Value Font Colors

    I can't get the below syntax to work and none of the examples download correctly .. <set label="Label 1" displayValue="<font style="color:00008B;"">1.0<font>" value="1.0" /> I need to implement this in a colum2D chart .. to vary the font colors there are only 5 quote marks on the displayValue tag.. any help would be appreciated
  10. in Safari 6.01 and Chrome 22.0.1229.94 I am not able to display Chart Captions or Category Titles on the StackedColumn2D.swf (stacked 2d column chart). When I display as Flash they display .. when I display as javascript .. they do not. They display fine in Camino and Firefox here is my XML: <chart animation="0" useRoundEdges="0" showYAxisValues="1" showSum="0" formatNumberScale="0" baseFontSize="12" baseFontColor="000000" caption="Filled to UnFilled" outCnvBaseFontSize="12"> − <categories fontColor="000000" fontSize="12"> <category label="Oct-11"/> <category label="Nov-11"/> <category label="Dec-11"/> <category label="Jan-12"/> <category label="Feb-12"/> <category label="Mar-12"/> <category label="Apr-12"/> <category label="May-12"/> <category label="Jun-12"/> <category label="Jul-12"/> <category label="Aug-12"/> <category label="Sep-12"/> </categories> − <dataset seriesName="Awarded Shifts" color="333399"> <set value="4729" displayValue="56%"/> <set value="4882" displayValue="59%"/> <set value="5261" displayValue="58%"/> <set value="4781" displayValue="57%"/> <set value="4813" displayValue="55%"/> <set value="5450" displayValue="59%"/> <set value="4847" displayValue="55%"/> <set value="6401" displayValue="61%"/> <set value="7120" displayValue="63%"/> <set value="7757" displayValue="64%"/> <set value="8144" displayValue="63%"/> <set value="8303" displayValue="65%"/> </dataset> − <dataset seriesName="Unfilled Shifts" color="33CCFF" showValues="0"> <set value="3722"/> <set value="3356"/> <set value="3750"/> <set value="3680"/> <set value="3938"/> <set value="3793"/> <set value="3908"/> <set value="4019"/> <set value="4154"/> <set value="4384"/> <set value="4704"/> <set value="4448"/> </dataset> </chart> safari.tiff camino.tiff
  11. I'm having the same issue with XT 3.2.2 SR1 .. forcing it to use javascript works fine in 3.2.2 .. except that I needed to force for the MSStackedColumn2D chart which was not available in 3.2.2. If I use 3.2.2 charts display fine forcing javascript. If I use 3.2.2 SR1 none of them do. I'm not running on a local file system. Here is how I'm calling the charts: var URL = "http://.../empreqshifts.php?client="+client+"&hospital="+hospital; URL = escape(URL) </script> </head> <body bgcolor="#ffffff"> <div id="chartdiv"> The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. </div> <script type="text/javascript"> FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); var myChart = new FusionCharts("http://.../fusion/charts32/MSCombi2D.swf", "myChartId", "1175", "425", "0", "0"); myChart.setDataURL(URL); myChart.setTransparent(true); myChart.render("chartdiv"); </script> </body> u reference in this post using the setDataURL does not work using a local file system .. I'm accessing on a server. If i display as Flash they display fine .. if I force javascript .. all I get is "Loading chart. Please wait"
  12. 2d Column Chart with Secondary Axis

    Took a quick look - the problem is the left and right columns are off center - and the columns are narrow. The 2D Column chart is what I need - see the following attachment - is the 2D chart with 1 axis. Seems like a reasonable expectation for the product I would add as a possible enhancement
  13. 2d Column Chart with Secondary Axis

    can you post an image for me so I have a reference?
  14. 2d Column Chart with Secondary Axis

    Thanks - I'm using the MSCombiDY2D.swf The XML and chart image are attached xml.txt
  15. I'm trying to have a chart with three columns - the first column's values are 1-20k. The second and third columns are 1-100 I want columns - I have been able to get something to work using the MSCombiDY2D.swf - by using the parentYAxis and renderAs tags - but it is bery difficult to get things to line up properly. Is there a way to do this with the Column2D.swf? The parentYAxis tag does not apply to this chart Please advise