Safari And Chrome Not Displaying Captions And Categories

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in Safari 6.01 and Chrome 22.0.1229.94 I am not able to display Chart Captions or Category Titles on the StackedColumn2D.swf (stacked 2d column chart). When I display as Flash they display .. when I display as javascript .. they do not.

They display fine in Camino and Firefox


here is my XML:


<chart animation="0" useRoundEdges="0" showYAxisValues="1" showSum="0" formatNumberScale="0" baseFontSize="12" baseFontColor="000000" caption="Filled to UnFilled" outCnvBaseFontSize="12">

<categories fontColor="000000" fontSize="12">

<category label="Oct-11"/>

<category label="Nov-11"/>

<category label="Dec-11"/>

<category label="Jan-12"/>

<category label="Feb-12"/>

<category label="Mar-12"/>

<category label="Apr-12"/>

<category label="May-12"/>

<category label="Jun-12"/>

<category label="Jul-12"/>

<category label="Aug-12"/>

<category label="Sep-12"/>


<dataset seriesName="Awarded Shifts" color="333399">

<set value="4729" displayValue="56%"/>

<set value="4882" displayValue="59%"/>

<set value="5261" displayValue="58%"/>

<set value="4781" displayValue="57%"/>

<set value="4813" displayValue="55%"/>

<set value="5450" displayValue="59%"/>

<set value="4847" displayValue="55%"/>

<set value="6401" displayValue="61%"/>

<set value="7120" displayValue="63%"/>

<set value="7757" displayValue="64%"/>

<set value="8144" displayValue="63%"/>

<set value="8303" displayValue="65%"/>


<dataset seriesName="Unfilled Shifts" color="33CCFF" showValues="0">

<set value="3722"/>

<set value="3356"/>

<set value="3750"/>

<set value="3680"/>

<set value="3938"/>

<set value="3793"/>

<set value="3908"/>

<set value="4019"/>

<set value="4154"/>

<set value="4384"/>

<set value="4704"/>

<set value="4448"/>





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As per your screenshot, you seem to be using an older version of FusionCharts. Caption and category labels are displayed using our latest version (FusionCharts XT SR4) in a Chrome browser (Version 22.0.1229.94 m)


Please find the attached screenshot. Download the latest Evaluation version at: http://www.fusioncharts.com/download


Hope this helps.

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