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  1. Yes, so I am using the flash version of it and as I show in the pictures above it used to show the dots properly before I added the scrolling. I need to know if this is a bug and if there is any hope of fixing it in this version. Thanks!
  2. Hello, That's not going to work. Basically I want the overlap and it should look exactly as the first picture I attached to this topic ( the one on the left). The secondary vertical axis must show a range between 0 and -1. Apparently the business analyst is not happy if we show a vertical axis that goes from 0.1 to -1.1 in order to show the whole diamond spot when the value is 0 or 1, I think that's what you are proposing as a fix and that's not acceptable from the business side. I hope you know what I am saying and thanks again for helping me with this
  3. Thanks for the response bu I can't implement that solution because the secondary y-axis must have a max value of 0 and a min value of -1. The diamonds used to be displayed properly before as shown on the first picture attached to this topic. Is there any other thing I could try? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I added recently scrolling to a chart that is showing some data points as diamonds. The problem is that these diamonds are cut in half when these diamonds represent the maximum value in the chart. I am attaching two pictures with before and after adding the scrolling. Is there anything I can do about this? Is this a known problem? Thanks in advance