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  1. Hi, I checked out the fiddle code.. I'll be more Specific about my doubt, rendering a Gantt Chart & Zoomline chart in same page in Javascript. My Zoomline is Working fine on rendering in Javasript and Gantt is rendering in Flash with same js files (Im using swf files along with XMLs for rendering). Which files do I require for rendering both in zoomline and Gantt in Javascript on same page. This will help me. Awaiting for your Help. Thank you.
  2. Hi thank you for the Reply.. I will try the Updated one. I will get back to u.. If i have Any Issues Further
  3. Hi , Thank you for that Reply, The version of Fusion charts I'm using is fusioncharts/3.2.4-sr1.9888 Licensed one. And about the Scaled Down Data, I couldnt get which Chart Data you are asking for. Is it the Gantt Chart data or the Zoomline Chart Data. I'm able to render in Flash but im Unable to render in Javascript. Could you Please Suggest me the proper file or Way to Do It. Thanxs in advance.
  4. Hi, I got a problem while rendering Zoomline chart on a page where i am displaying Gantt chart also. Gantt Chart is displaying properly but Zoomline though rendering its not rendering properly. Problems I faced are, * Its not rendering to the height and width i specified. * I can zoom in.But i am unable to zoom out from it, as the button which displays for zoom out is not shown up. Could anyone please let me know the respective files which has to be added in the path where my FusionCharts.js file is residing and also the actual reason why zoomline not rendering properly.