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  1. Hi there, I am right now facing some issue with my sample chart website (using the demo provided by your website - as of version for april 2013). My intention is wanna display those charts (Fusion Charts & Fusion Widget) on mobile/browser that did not support the flash on their platform. The problem that i am facing is some chart did not displayed (especially for the fusion widget). For your info I use the fusioncharts.js file (that is included with fusion chart XT demo) & put in in the code behind. below is the sample link : http://www.bsuredecisions.com/KPI_sampleSystem/sampleSystem/main.aspx I did try to put the fusioncharts.js (for fusion widget) on the code behind, the fusion widget able to be displayed, but not able to display the fusion chart. what problem that I am facing right now? Is it there some differences between the *.js file provided for fusion charts & fusion widget? is there any better way to overcome this issue? reply ASAP
  2. Hi There, i'm right now facing some problem with my own fusionchart development the problem that i'm facing right now is this. when i called this function $FC->addChartData($myObjTahun->jumlah, "label=" .$myObjTahun->tahun. ";link=http://newchart-xmlurl-Example.php?table=$rptCode&tahun=$myObjTahun->tahun"); I'm facing the problem once i'm on click event on one of the link from the generated link that is embedded on the chart xml data. when i'm right click on the sourcecode of the page i found out that the link is now somewhat changed, that is : <set value='372' label='2012' link='http://newchart-xmlurl-Example.php?table%3dpk8%26tahun%3d2012' /> notice that the some of the strings have been replaced. that is %3d and %26 . Hope you can me help out on this one.. Thanks
  3. Drilldown Map Displaying Another Chart

    thanks, the problem now solved. it's actually the FusionMaps file that i've using for this development. the file that i've used is the old version, If I'm not mistaken 3.1.1 . download the new version & it now work.
  4. Drilldown Map Displaying Another Chart

    Hi there, thanx for your reply, i did try to test it out one of your example just now (the download link). it runs ok on my PC (on localhost) but am facing some problem when i'm changing the sourcecode map to FCMap_Malaysia.swf & xmldata to dataMalaysia.xml; using this xmldata - dataMalaysia.xml : <map showCanvasBorder="0" borderColor="FFFFFF" connectorColor="000000" fillAlpha="80" hoverColor="FFFFFF" showBevel="0" numberSuffix="yang memohon" legendBorderColor="F1f1f1" legendPosition="bottom"> <data> <entity id="001" value="81" link="newchart:Pie3D.swf-xmlurl-server.php?negeriid=01" /> <entity id="004" value="41" link="newchart:Pie3D.swf-xmlurl-server.php?negeriid=02" /> <entity id="005" value="39" link="newchart:Pie3D.swf-xmlurl-server.php?negeriid=03" /> ..so on </data> </map> on server side programming (for me in php) which is server.php it's just creates a dummy data <?php echo "<chart><set label='test' value='1200' /></chart>"; ?> the example html file : <html> <head> <title>My map using LinkedCharts feature</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="FusionCharts.js"></script> </head> <body> <div id="mapContainer">FusionMaps XT will load here!</div> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var myMap = new FusionCharts ("FCMap_Malaysia.swf", "MyMapId", "700", "400", "0","1"); myMap.setXMLUrl ("dataMalaysia.xml"); myMap.render("mapContainer"); FusionCharts("MyMapId").configureLink ( { "swfSrcPath" : "Chart/" }, 0); // --> </script> </body> </html> but once i'm running the html example file, the malaysia map is then displayed. but upon click on one of the region i've been redirected to another page which is The Webpage cannot be displayed. just wondering what went wrong here. is my own sourcecode is in wrong format or is the fusionmap file (malaysia map) is generating the error?
  5. hi there, just a simple question here, is it possible that the fusion maps drill down to another chart? for example on clicking the map, we then will be displayed another chart type on that same chart canvas (e.g. display on the same div tag) I am right now doing the drill down part. from the fusion maps (that shows the region name & total quantity) and upon clicking on one of the region for that map, the user then will be displayed with another chart (i.e. column3d.swf) with specific datas (for example company list & each respected data that resides in that region) . is that even possible? i want to do based on this attribute on each region for that map (upon clicking one of the region inside that map) NOTE : when the user click, the new xml is build based on that specific chart & passed it back to the user with a different data & different chart link="newchart-xmlurl-company.php?region=Myregion"
  6. Hi there, just some question here. is this the right way in accessing the XMLdata inside the fusionchart object? what im trying to achieve is accessing the object fusionchart xmldata that is generated by the server. e.g. step 1 : server sending the chartobject to the client side <?php // serverside programming // generate fusionchart object on the clientside echo renderChart("Charts/column3d.swf", "", "<chart><set label='dummy data' value='10000'/></chart>", "myFirst", 400, 300, false, true); ?> Step 2 : on client side, the output will be as in the following format : <!-- START Code Block for Chart myFirst --> <div id="myFirstDiv">Chart</div> <script type="text/javascript" ><!-- // Instantiate the Chart if ( FusionCharts("myFirst") && FusionCharts("myFirst").dispose ) FusionCharts("myFirst").dispose(); var chart_myFirst = new FusionCharts( { "swfUrl" : "Charts/column3d.swf", "width" : "400", "height" : "300", "renderAt" : "myFirstDiv", "dataFormat" : "xml", "id" : "myFirst", "dataSource" : "<chart><set label='dummy data' value='10000'/></chart>" } ).render(); // --></script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart myFirst --> STEP 3 : question that i wanna ask is regarding on this part. <script type="text/javascript"> // On javascript // accessing object var myFusionObject = FusionCharts('myFirst'); // accessing fusionchart xmldata var myXMLData = myFusionObject.flashVars.dataXML; </script> is it wise for me to accessing the dataXML thru flashvars? as i can access the xmldata thru IE but didn't seem to find any other solution in accessing the dataXML on other browser (mozilla, opera, etc) . hope someone here can help me out on this one as i'm trying to make the chart compatible with other browsers as well thru javascript
  7. How To Hide *.swf File From User?

    thanx.. sorry to ask again, is there any solutions on this? hope someone can gave some input here.
  8. Good day to you there's a question that i need to ask you, how do we hide the fusionchart flash *.swf files from the user that browsing our page? i did notice user able to view the *.swf files thru code behind by right clicking on the page & view source From there. They then can see a direct link to download the fusionchart flash files). Either in asp.net & php. e.g. on serverside asp.net we call the following fusionchart object & embedded it on asp.net literal object: //calling fusion chart object litFusionChart.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("./FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "", myXMLdata, "myFirst", "600", "300", false, true); user then view the webpage on their browser & then they see the following codes on their part (by view source). This is generated by the litFusionChart literal object. <!-- START Script Block for Chart myFirst --> <div id='myFirstDiv' > Chart. </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var chart_myFirst = new FusionCharts({"debugMode" : "0", "swfUrl" : "./FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "renderAt" : "myFirstDiv", "width" : "600", "wMode" : "opaque", "dataFormat" : "xml", "id" : "myFirst", "registerWithJS" : "1", "height" : "300","dataSource" : "<chart caption='Car Price Range' xAxisName='Cars' yAxisName='Price' numberPrefix='RM'><set label='Saga' value='40000' /><set label='Savvy' value='31000' /><set label='Myvi' value='44000' /><set label='Honda Civic' value='56000' /></chart>"}).render();</script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart myFirst --> </div> i've came across with this simple example, but in PHP. Just wondering too how do we implement it by calling the fusionchart *.swf files in PHP/ASP.Net using this method. here's the link : http://www.quilix.com/node/31 hope you can gave me some suggestion/idea to make the *.swf link hidden from the user. to make it more secured (especially the fusionchart flash files). Najmi Rooslan bSure Solutions SDN BHD