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Found 4 results

  1. I have four stacked columns in a chart with too much white space. Is there a way to increase the column width? I can't find any examples or clear explanation in the docs. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, in a stackedcolumn2d we need to hide series and categories. First is handled by legend clicks and for the latter we defined a custom JavaScript function in link label attribute. Here we look for Fusioncharts widget and call getChartData() in order to manipulate the dataset before calling setChartData again. However, apart from 'initiallyHidden' attribute only works for series and we could not find a similar attribute for driving categories visibility. If you look at attached image, hiding first column in the chart will make it re-scale, giving a decent size to other very small columns. Regards, Francesco
  3. Hello all. I'm experiencing some weirdness when the values provided to the Javascript version of StackedColumn2D are less than one. Specifically, the sums do not always render at the top of the stacks / columns. Environment: Firefox v22.0 on Windows 7 (with reports of the same thing happening on Firefox v19 on Mac) FusionCharts.version: 3,3,1,sr2,19840 Screenshot: HTML: <html> <head> <title>JS StackedColumn2D ShowSum can't seem to handle small numbers</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"> </script> </head> <body> <div> FusionCharts.version: <script type="text/javascript">document.write(FusionCharts.version);</script> </div> <div id="chartDiv"/> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- // FusionCharts.debugMode.enabled( function() { console.log(arguments); }, 'verbose'); var myChart = new FusionCharts("StackedColumn2D", "theChartJS", "800", "600"); myChart.setDataURL("chart.xml"); myChart.render("chartDiv"); // --> </script> </body> </html> chart.xml: <chart showSum="1" caption="JS StackedColumn2D ShowSum can't seem to handle small numbers."> <categories> <category label="Mar 2013"/> <category label="Apr 2013"/> <category label="May 2013"/> <category label="Jun 2013"/> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Ground"> <set value="0.74"/> <set value="0.98"/> <set value="0.60"/> <set value="0.28"/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Expedited"> <set value="0.24"/> <set value="0.08"/> <set value="0.02"/> <set value=""/> </dataset> <!-- <dataset seriesName="Ground"> <set value="74"/> <set value="98"/> <set value="60"/> <set value="28"/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Expedited"> <set value="24"/> <set value="8"/> <set value="2"/> <set value=""/> </dataset> --> </chart> Note that when I replaced the <dataset> elements with the commented-out ones then the sums render properly at the top of each respective stack, which is why I suspect that small numbers are instigating the issue. Very mysterious! I'd appreciate any insight and suggestions for this issue. Thanks!
  4. when use stackedColumn2d to render chart with js, and the values are all 0, like this: and xml data is: <chart labelDisplay='wrap' caption='' yAxisName='' showvalues='0' stack100Percent='1' showPercentValues='1' formatNumber='0' formatNumberScale='0' ><categories><category label='2012-11月' /> <category label='2012-12月' /> <category label='2013-1月' /> <category label='2013-2月' /> <category label='2013-3月' /> <category label='2013-4月' /> </categories><dataset seriesName='test1' color='AFD8F8'><set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> </dataset><dataset seriesName='test2' color='9ACD32'><set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> </dataset></chart> please check it ,thanks