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Found 4 results

  1. I have four stacked columns in a chart with too much white space. Is there a way to increase the column width? I can't find any examples or clear explanation in the docs. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello There, I am new to Fusion charts and maps i browsed a lot for zooming option of maps (example map of US Employment rate) i need zoom in/out option for that map. please help me out in this case.Thanks in advance
  3. hello, I need to somehow get the information from one point of my chart by javascript, I need the information about the category, series name and value to use in a javascript function. Currently inserted already own a javascript function on my link properties however I could not find it through the DOM. My goal is to find the object on the screen through the information they already have in my application for example: get the point of my line chart que have the value 7, category '12: 00 ', and series-name' test 'for that in some cases I will be able to add a popover on the circle, rect or other object that has the specific values​​. Can anyone help me???
  4. Back Button not working

    Hi All, I have integrated Fusion chart trail version to My cakephp project and I have passed the datas from database to fusion charts. Its working fine. But when I click on year which is goes to Month, In that I didn't get back button. How can I integrate the Back Button.Please advice me. Thanks in Advance.