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Found 6 results

  1. Use of CSS

    Is there documentation on the use of CSS Style Sheets with FusionCharts? The little info I did find works, but I need additional info. For example, in my CSS I have the following: .myChart { border: 10px solid blue; } How do you change the background color? Other elements? From the chart documentation ( there is no "border" attribute, but there is a borderColor; borderThickness; and borderAlpha. How do I take the documented attributes and turn them into CSS? Thanks!!
  2. We are doing a large-scale migration from an older version of FusionCharts using Flash to the latest version which uses HTML5 / Canvas to render charts. Most of the migration is pretty straightforward. However I noticed that the chart text elements used to auto-resize in the Flash version, and the HTML5 chart text elements do not. Is this auto-resize of text font size supported in the new version of FusionCharts? Thanks!
  3. Charts in scaled div

    I render charts in a div with a css transform scale applied to it, previously everything worked fine, however on the latest version (3.12.2), the chart renders in the correct position, but the mouse over (and clicks) are out of position - removing the css scale attribute does resolve this but I need to be able to render charts in a scaled div.
  4. Hi, during my current project, i came up with following issue. If an ancestor element of a fusioncharts span element is moved by a css transform, the tooltip and highlighting of the bars breaks. As example (attached) i reproduced it in the docs section by moving the chart example container with transform. Verified on current Chrome, Firefox and Edge Any hint on how this could be fixed? Thanks Paul
  5. Hi, I'm facing the issues with the position of download menu (Javascrip API), when I have multiple charts in a div and each one is having export icon. The first chart shows the download menu proplery, but when clcking on icon on the second chart, the download menu appears at the bottom of the div. please see the attached scren shot for the explaination. Any help is appreciated Thanks
  6. Back Button not working

    Hi All, I have integrated Fusion chart trail version to My cakephp project and I have passed the datas from database to fusion charts. Its working fine. But when I click on year which is goes to Month, In that I didn't get back button. How can I integrate the Back Button.Please advice me. Thanks in Advance.