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  1. Linesets drawn on a bar chart

    I know it is possible to draw a lineset on a column chart. However I have not been able to draw linesets on a bar chart. Is there a chart type and example of this somewhere? Thanks!
  2. Originally we began development with the trial version. However we have gotten an updated license for the full version and downloaded it per the instructions. However, I am still getting "trial version" when I run the application using FusionCharts. Which file(s) are the trial version text embedded in so I can look through and make sure I haven't somehow deployed the trial javascript? Or alternatively, is there some other reason I might be getting the trial version message on the charts? Thanks!
  3. We are doing a large-scale migration from an older version of FusionCharts using Flash to the latest version which uses HTML5 / Canvas to render charts. Most of the migration is pretty straightforward. However I noticed that the chart text elements used to auto-resize in the Flash version, and the HTML5 chart text elements do not. Is this auto-resize of text font size supported in the new version of FusionCharts? Thanks!