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  1. Originally we began development with the trial version. However we have gotten an updated license for the full version and downloaded it per the instructions. However, I am still getting "trial version" when I run the application using FusionCharts. Which file(s) are the trial version text embedded in so I can look through and make sure I haven't somehow deployed the trial javascript? Or alternatively, is there some other reason I might be getting the trial version message on the charts? Thanks!
  2. We are doing a large-scale migration from an older version of FusionCharts using Flash to the latest version which uses HTML5 / Canvas to render charts. Most of the migration is pretty straightforward. However I noticed that the chart text elements used to auto-resize in the Flash version, and the HTML5 chart text elements do not. Is this auto-resize of text font size supported in the new version of FusionCharts? Thanks!