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  1. Using a bulb widget, I'm trying to set the color based on one value and the number it displays using a second value. Is this possible? In the chart definition, I've got color range set as: <color minValue='2' maxValue='2' label='Warning' code='4794f7' /> <color minValue='3' maxValue='3' label='Minor' code='fefe54' /> <color minValue='4' maxValue='4' label='Major' code='f09035' /> <color minValue='5' maxValue='5' label='Critical' code='ea3324' /> And the number is set to: <value>0</value> Is there a way to have the color minValue/maxValue use one variable and the <value>/</value> as a second value?
  2. Use of CSS

    What elements are able to be controlled via CSS? Is there documentation? For example, if I wanted to control the background color of the chart, am I able to do so in CSS?
  3. Use of CSS

    I've very familiar with the chart-configurations. What this documentation doesn't show me is how to use CSS with FusionCharts. For example, in CSS, to set the chart border, you use the following code: .myChart { border: 10px solid blue; } but in the chart-configurations you use the following code: { "chart": { "showBorder": "1", "borderColor": "#000080", "borderThickness": "10", "borderAlpha": "80" } } No where in the documentation that you provided does it show the CSS for "border:" and then what "10px, solid, blue" means. Can you provide that documenation?
  4. Use of CSS

    Is there documentation on the use of CSS Style Sheets with FusionCharts? The little info I did find works, but I need additional info. For example, in my CSS I have the following: .myChart { border: 10px solid blue; } How do you change the background color? Other elements? From the chart documentation (https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-attributes/bulb) there is no "border" attribute, but there is a borderColor; borderThickness; and borderAlpha. How do I take the documented attributes and turn them into CSS? Thanks!!
  5. Here's my current 2d doughnut chart using FustionCharts v3.11.3 The area is 195 x 230 Here's the formatting options that I'm using: <chart theme="asi" animation='0' caption='${w.caption!}' captionPadding='0' baseFontSize='10' baseFontColor='#FFFFFF' bgAlpha='100' bgColor='#000000' enableSmartLabels='1' manageLabelOverflow='1' useEllipsesWhenOverflow='0' showBorder='0' showZeroPies='1' showPercentValues='0' showValues='1' decimals='0' centerlabel='$label: $value' pieRadius='50' valueposition='inside' labelDistance='10' labelFontColor='#FFFFFF' chartLeftMargin='0' chartRightMargin='0' chartTopMargin='10' chartBottomMargin='0' > </chart> What I'm looking to do is to increase the size of the labels "Major" and "Critical", and decrease the amount of space between the chart and the labels. I'd like to make it look like this: Again, we are on version 3.11.3. I've tried to increase the font size, but when I do that, the "Major and "Critical" move off to the side and look like this:
  6. 2D Pie Formatting

    Thanks for the info. I just found out that we have version 3.11.3. Looking into upgrading.
  7. 2D Pie Formatting

    If you take a look at my code above, you'll see that I'm using valueposition='inside'. I simplified my chart and it's still not working. Was there a version that "valueposition='inside'" was introduced in? <chart caption='TEST' animation='0' bgalpha='100' enablesmartlabels='1' managelableoverflow='1' useellipseswhenoverflow='0' showBorder='0' showzeropies='1' showpercentvalues='0' usedataplotcolorforlabels='0' decimals='0' pieRadius='50' startingAngle='0' valueposition='inside' showValues='1'>
  8. 2D Pie Formatting

    I create the following 2D Pie Chart I'm looking to do the following, but none of the formating options are responding. 1. The Green is Severity "5" and the Blue is Severity "4". Can I change the color so that if Severity 4, color = orange, Severity 5 = Red 2. Can I move the value into the pie chart? valuePosition='Inside' doesn't seem to work. <chart theme="asi" caption='${w.caption!}' animation='0' bgAlpha='100' enableSmartLabels='1' manageLabelOverflow='1' useEllipsesWhenOverflow='0' showBorder='0' ShowZeroPies='1' showPercentValues='0' usedataplotcolorforlabels="0" decimals='0' pieRadius='75' startingAngle='90' valuePosition='Inside' > <#-- FusionCharts data format: (values should sum to 100 for a percentage pie chart) <set label='XXXX' value='12' /> <set label='YYYY' value='22' /> ... --> <#assign path = '/response/content/projection' /> <#if (x[path][0])??> <#list x[path] as r> <set label="${r.severity[0]!}" value="${r.count[0]!}" /> </#list> <#else> <set label="" value="0" /> <#-- Show an empty chart if there is no data --> </#if> </chart>
  9. Blub Formating

    Here's the results: text to the left, number to the right. SWEET!!!! Here's the code that got me where I'm at. <chart theme="asi" chartLeftMargin='100' chartTopMargin='5' chartRightMargin='5' chartBottomMargin='5' width='230' height='90' bgAlpha='100' showBorder='0' placeValuesInside='1' captionpadding="0" bgColor="#000000" lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='100' valuefontsize="20" chartStartX='0' chartCenterY='45'> <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='0' label='Low' code='00FF00' /> <color minValue='1' maxValue='100' label='Low' code='FF0000' /> </colorRange> <annotations> <groups> <items type='text' text='Other' x='$chartStartX+50' y='$chartCenterY' fontSize='16' color='#FFFFFF'/> </groups> </annotations> <value>0</value> </chart>
  10. Blub Formating

    I got it. I had a double quote infront of "TEXT"
  11. Blub Formating

    Thanks Akash, do you have an XML example? I've tried this and not getting the annotation to show up. I think my <annotatoins> and <group> are incorrect. <chart theme="asi" chartLeftMargin='100' bgAlpha='100' showBorder='0' placeValuesInside='1' captionpadding="0" bgColor="#000000" lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='100' valuefontsize="20"> <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='100' label='Low' code='FF0000' /> </colorRange> <annotations> <groups> <items type="text' text='TEST' x=0' y=0'' fontSize='24' color='#FF0000'/> </groups> </annotations> <value>0</value> </chart>
  12. Blub Formating

    Akash, Thank you for the documentation. That page is really well formatted and very helpful. A+ Is there a way to get an enhancement request in to allow for what I'm asking?
  13. Blub Formating

    Is there a way to format a blub gauge and have the caption to the left side and the bulb to the right side? It seems the only option is the have the caption on the top and the bulb below that. Exmple: Temperate: BLUB #