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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Sliced piece of doughnut graph is overlapping other values. You can see expanded Equity slice is overlapping on the Alternative Strategies. Could you please provide any solution for this.? Attached the image. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm having values/percentages like 15, 35, 40. If I input these values into graph, the Dougnut graph is adjusting its percentage to 100. So the values I input is getting changed. The above one is just example, in my case it's adding/subtracting the percentage to 0.01 to make sure that graph is having the 100 percentage. Is there any way, I can make the graph to show 99.99% or 100.01% or restrict it to show only the values/percentages I input.? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I report a new bug, please see this fiddle : The rotation is active while it shouldn't with "enableRotation" :"0"
  4. Hi, just implemented the new attribute 'showZeroPies' for my doughnut2d charts. Switching between on and off works well with a small amount of labels, in most of my cases 2-4. But there is one chart with 21 labels, where always switching from showZeroPies=1 to showZeroPies=0 crashes with error shown in the attached images. I'm implementing in Angular 6 and Fusioncharts 3.13.2-sr.1. Switching showZeroPies is done with 'chart.setChartAttribute('showZeroPies', '{0|1}')' where 'chart' object is obtained from fusioncharts' component 'initialized' output property. Regards, Paul
  5. Hi ! My question is simple : How to place values inside a pie/doughnut chart instead of outside ? Sébastien