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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I report a new bug, please see this fiddle : The rotation is active while it shouldn't with "enableRotation" :"0"
  2. After new Webview update on Android device donut chart does not rotate using the fingers.
  3. Missing x-axis labels

    We've just upgraded our FusionCharts to the current version and I've run into a snag with the x-axis labels not all showing on the plots. It appears that FC dynamically determine how many labels to display based on display space. The problem is that it's very erratic sometimes showing even just one label. Other size windows will show a block of labels in the middle of the axis. I've used showLabels='1' labelDisplay='rotate' labelStep='1' attributes. If I change to labelDisplay='NONE' then all labels are shown horizontally and, of course, they all smash together if the window is too small. I was able to reproduce the error condition in this fiddle: The screen captures attached are from execution of this fiddle with different window sizes.
  4. Hi, i try to implement fusioncharts in my next project. Now i found a bug or a wrong intepritation. I think fusion charts calculate the rotation regarding to the body scroll position. Now i have a div inside the body that can be scrolled to ( overflow scroll ). When i try now to rotate the pie2d chart by mouse the rotating will go wrong. Is there a workaround or something i can configure to let fusioncharts calculate the position of the chart and the rotation correct ? Thanks for your help Mirco