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Found 7 results

  1. I cannot find a way to make showValues: '1' show the data plot values in a zoomline graphic with Fusion Charts. You see and try it in this fiddle: ¿Is there a way to make it work for zoomline charts? The thing is that with a line chart is working:
  2. Labels on the right

    Hello, in a scatter chart, is there a way to display the values labels on the right (or left) of the rendered point? To better explain, I have a series of points that always have an empty space left or right (see attachment) while above or below there might be another point (which would render the value unreadable). Thank you very much, Francesco
  3. Missing x-axis labels

    We've just upgraded our FusionCharts to the current version and I've run into a snag with the x-axis labels not all showing on the plots. It appears that FC dynamically determine how many labels to display based on display space. The problem is that it's very erratic sometimes showing even just one label. Other size windows will show a block of labels in the middle of the axis. I've used showLabels='1' labelDisplay='rotate' labelStep='1' attributes. If I change to labelDisplay='NONE' then all labels are shown horizontally and, of course, they all smash together if the window is too small. I was able to reproduce the error condition in this fiddle: The screen captures attached are from execution of this fiddle with different window sizes.
  4. Using date in columned chart

    Hi, I would like to add some date info to the displayed data, but I don't find anything in the doc. Basically, I have a chart with months or days on the abscissa , and when i click on a column I want to easily retrieve the according date in the listener. I have tried to add , besides "data" and "label", an info "start" but it doesn't appear in the dataobj object. The label does not contains all the date info ( just the day of the week or the number in the month ) Any ideas someone ? Thanks
  5. Pie chart label position

    I'm working with Pie Charts and currently have smart labels turned on. Instead of having the labels on the pie chart, or smart labels with smart lines pointing to the chart, I would like to have the label (which is a numeric result) appear directly below the corresponding legend icon. This fiddle puts the label in the legend, can I also put the numeric result in the legend? (see image) Thank you for any help with this!
  6. I'm using the Multi-level Pie Chart I'd like to be able to set some labels to be a dark color and some to be a light color (depending on the color of the background pie slice). Is there a setting to do this? I tried setting "basefontcolor" for each individual label, but it didn't have any effect. Likewise, I tried a bunch of other variations "textcolor", "labelcolor" etc., but nothing. Thanks for any help!
  7. I use FusionCharts 3.3.1-sr2.19840 . I am experiencing some visual problems with labels on IE7 and IE8. As you can see in the picture, some labels are horizontally cut. Do you know if this is a bug or if there is a solution to this?