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Found 4 results

  1. I cannot find a way to make showValues: '1' show the data plot values in a zoomline graphic with Fusion Charts. You see and try it in this fiddle: ¿Is there a way to make it work for zoomline charts? The thing is that with a line chart is working:
  2. Hi, I'm upgrade fusioncharts lib from 3.3.1sr3 to 3.15.1sr1, I'm checking all attribute used in xml, I can not find four attributes in 3.15.1sr1 docs : showNames="1" showgridbg="1" showhovercap="1" showValues="0" can you help me?
  3. Is is possible to show the close or high value, for instance, on top of a candle, as for other chart types? showValues:1 doesn't seem to apply and I did not find one example with data values on candlesticks. Best Regards, Cristian
  4. Hi, I render a column2D chart through JavaScript, which works fine. If I add the showValues property to the chart element, then it results in a "Invalid Data" message. If I leave it, then it will render as expected. The showValues property is mentioned in the functional attributes under "chart": { "caption": "Category wise Sales for 1996", "xaxisname": "Month", "palette": "2", "animation": "1", "formatnumberscale": "0", "numberprefix": "$", "showvalues": "0", "numdivlines": "4", "legendposition": "BOTTOM", "showValues":"0" } (Complete JSON attached Column2D.txt) Could you please take a look at this and notify me when this will be fixed. P.s. I am not allowed to upload .json files, so I've renamed it to .txt.