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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, We're having an issue with tooltip's position in Firefox. When we test on Chrome, the tooltips were displaying correctly, but they are off by one data plot when testing using Firefox. Here's a video showing the issue: When I hover over the second bar, it's showing tooltips for the third bar. The fusioncharts version we are using is 3.13.3-sr.1. Do you know why this happens? Thanks.
  2. drawFullAreaBorder not working

    Area chart attribute "drawFullAreaBorder" is not working for your latest version 3.13.3-sr.1. Could you please fix it?
  3. Hi, I am facing a serious bug on the Gantt Chart created with FusionChart. When I drag on the borders between the cell borders (on the left), a resizing cursor icon is shown and users expect that the columns width are re-sizable. However, the chart does not function as expected. It draws an diagonal line instead, and the text of two columns merged together. The bug also exists in the examples provided by FusionChart: for e.g. I tested the above example with both Chrome and IE11. Could anybody do me a favor, telling me how can I disable the resizing function before an update is released. Thank you very much! Kit
  4. The custom tooltext added to the zoomscatter plots appears fine as long as the page on which they are rendered is not scrolled. When the page is scrolled, the same tooltip (when hovered over the anchor at a specific point), now appears at random places and sometimes even shows up outside the chart container. Attaching a screenshot of the said bug before and after scrolling. Find the same code at written for demo purpose. Thanks!
  5. Hi, i try to implement fusioncharts in my next project. Now i found a bug or a wrong intepritation. I think fusion charts calculate the rotation regarding to the body scroll position. Now i have a div inside the body that can be scrolled to ( overflow scroll ). When i try now to rotate the pie2d chart by mouse the rotating will go wrong. Is there a workaround or something i can configure to let fusioncharts calculate the position of the chart and the rotation correct ? Thanks for your help Mirco
  6. I just upgraded to FusionMaps XT 3.4.0 and the display of the maps labels is totally off when it is within a jqueryUI tabs panel. Furthermore, there is a javascript error upon rendering in fusioncharts.js on line 745 that is "Uncaught TypeError: cannot read property "offsetWidth" of undefined. Can you take a look ASAP? Thank you!
  7. Hi, I render a column2D chart through JavaScript, which works fine. If I add the showValues property to the chart element, then it results in a "Invalid Data" message. If I leave it, then it will render as expected. The showValues property is mentioned in the functional attributes under "chart": { "caption": "Category wise Sales for 1996", "xaxisname": "Month", "palette": "2", "animation": "1", "formatnumberscale": "0", "numberprefix": "$", "showvalues": "0", "numdivlines": "4", "legendposition": "BOTTOM", "showValues":"0" } (Complete JSON attached Column2D.txt) Could you please take a look at this and notify me when this will be fixed. P.s. I am not allowed to upload .json files, so I've renamed it to .txt.
  8. Hello, I programmed an html page with a map of Spain with provinces (see attached files - please add the fusion map libraries). The render mode is javascript and I want to show a value for each province in the map. As indicated in, there is 52 provinces, so the xml will have a maximum of 52 provinces. As we want to show a value in each province, we will have a xml with 52 entities (see attached file). It happens somewhat the reported in this topic: With 51 entities it is shown correctly in the map - except for one province, the province I comment. With 52 entities, the first entity of the xml is not shown (Albacete is this case), but the rest is ok. With 53 entities, the second entity of the xml is not shown, but the rest is ok. It seems like this map admits only 51 entities in the xml, but the number of provinces is 52. Is this a bug or I'm missing something? Thank you very much John fm.html
  9. Hello, I encounter a prohibitive problem using the Spline or MSSpline charts. Even if I configure the chart with a min Y-axis value to 0, if some values are set to 0, the spline is sometimes displayed below this value, on flash or javascript versions. Moreover, the chart automatically changes the min Y-axis value, depending this anormal position. The following captures show the example from here: which I just customized to replace some values with 0. Flash version JS version I tried to define the Y axis min value and to prevent the chart for auto adapting the display (setAdaptiveYMin to 0). Here is the XML code: <chart anchorAlpha="0" palette="4" caption="Sales Comparison" numdivlines="4" lineThickness="2" showValues="0" formatNumberScale="1" decimals="1" anchorRadius="2" numberPrefix="$" yAxisMinValue="0" setAdaptiveYMin="0" shadowAlpha="50"> <categories> <category label="Jan" /> <category label="Feb" /> <category label="Mar" /> <category label="Apr" /> <category label="May" /> <category label="Jun" /> <category label="Jul" /> <category label="Aug" /> <category label="Sep" /> <category label="Oct" /> <category label="Nov" /> <category label="Dec" /> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Current Year" color="A66EDD" anchorBorderColor="A66EDD" anchorRadius="4"> <set value="1127654" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="1324454" /> <set value="1357654" /> <set value="1296234" /> <set value="1359456" /> <set value="1391565" /> <set value="1414454" /> <set value="1671565" /> <set value="1134454" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Previous Year" color="F6BD0F" anchorBorderColor="F6BD0F" anchorRadius="4"> <set value="927654" /> <set value="1126234" /> <set value="999456" /> <set value="1111565" /> <set value="1124454" /> <set value="1257654" /> <set value="1196234" /> <set value="1259456" /> <set value="1191565" /> <set value="1214454" /> <set value="1371565" /> <set value="1434454" /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name="MyXScaleAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_xScale" /> <style name="MyYScaleAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_yscale" /> <style name="MyAlphaAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_alpha" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="DIVLINES" styles="MyXScaleAnim,MyAlphaAnim" /> <apply toObject="HGRID" styles="MyYScaleAnim,MyAlphaAnim" /> </application> </styles> </chart> I believe this is an anormal behavior of the chart. It shouldn't display a part of the chart below the min Y value, and it shouldn't move the Y-axis, based on this bad display. How can I manage to fix this display? Thank you a lot for your support. monsieurjplus
  10. Hi I am facing a problem, on the load of the page Post call is made to the server.But after that Get is used for getting the details from the server. In post, while rendering it shows appends %2B character instead of + . It is happening only with post. In get method + is working and showing properly on chart. What can I do to make it work with Post method. Regards Pratik
  11. Crash on ie10

    Hi there, Everytime i open a page using a graphic on ie10 it crashs(in any machine), im using fusioncharts 3.3.1 and the point it crash's : var myChart = new FusionCharts('Line', 'test123', width, height); Thanks the attention.
  12. Hello, I'am using AngularGauge and the option refreshInstantly works perfectly when the render is flash, but that doesn't work with javascript. So, i have to wait the refreshInterval to see the gauge moving Here is the code : {"chart":{"dataStreamURL":"http:\/\/\/portail-dev\/datasource\/SupervisionJaugeGES-data.php?type_jauge=","refreshInterval":30,"bgcolor":"AEC0CA,FFFFFF","refreshInstantly":"1","showValue":"1","fillAngle":"45","lowerLimit":"0","upperLimit":"100","majorTMNumber":"0","majorTMHeight":"10","showGaugeBorder":"1","gaugeBorderAlpha":"100","gaugeInnerRadius":"65","gaugeOuterRadius":"85","gaugeOriginX":"90","gaugeOriginY":"115","formatNumberScale":"1","tickMarkDecimalPrecision":"1","pivotRadius":"9","showPivotBorder":"1","pivotBorderColor":"000000","pivotBorderThickness":"1","pivotFillMix":"FFFFFF,000000","showlimits":"0","upperLimitDisplay":"OK","lowerLimitDisplay":"NOK","manageResize":"1"},"colorRange":{"color":[{"minValue":0,"maxValue":80,"code":"B41527"},{"minValue":80,"maxValue":90,"code":"E48739"},{"minValue":90,"maxValue":100,"code":"399E38"}]},"dials":{"dial":[{"value":"0","borderAlpha":"100","borderColor":"000000","bgColor":"00FF00","baseWidth":"10","topWidth":"1","radius":"85","rearExtension":"20","borderThickness":"1","toolText":"Taux d appels OK","valueX":"70","valueY":"65"},{"value":"0","borderAlpha":"100","borderColor":"000000","bgColor":"FF8000","baseWidth":"10","topWidth":"1","radius":"85","rearExtension":"20","borderThickness":"1","toolText":"Taux d appels en erreur Fonctionnelle","valueX":"70","valueY":"85"},{"value":"0","borderAlpha":"100","borderColor":"000000","bgColor":"FF0000","baseWidth":"10","topWidth":"1","radius":"85","rearExtension":"20","borderThickness":"1","toolText":"Taux d appels en erreur Technique","valueX":"110","valueY":"65"},{"value":"0","borderAlpha":"100","borderColor":"000000","bgColor":"0000FF","baseWidth":"10","topWidth":"1","radius":"85","rearExtension":"20","borderThickness":"1","toolText":"Taux d appels OK de plus de 20 secondes","valueX":"110","valueY":"85"}]},"annotations":{"annotationGroup":{"annotation":{"type":"text","label":null,"font":"Verdana","xPos":"90","yPos":"20","halign":"middle","valign":"top","fontcolor":"333333","fontSize":"10","isBold":"1"}}},"styles":{"definition":{"style":{"type":"font","name":"myValueFont","bgColor":"F1F1F1","borderColor":"999999"}},"application":{"apply":{"toObject":"Value","styles":"myValueFont"}}}} Bug ?
  13. In my company, we are using version 3.3.1, release 19520. I have a Scroll Combination 2D (Dual Y) Chart with dinamically generated data. When the chart has only one category, the category label is shown as 'undefined'. If another category is added to the XML (even if the second category has no label and no set data), the label appears normally. This didn't happen in the previous version we were using (3.2.4, release 8565). The chart is being created like this: var myChart = new FusionCharts("../pluginPath/ScrollCombiDY2D.swf", "chartId", 1518, 244, 0, 1, "FFFFFF", "noScale", "EN", "0", "1"); chart.setDataXML(data); chart.render(myDiv); This is the XML loaded into the data variable: <chart caption='Chart' PYAxisName='Value 1' SYAxisName='Value 2' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' useEllipsesWhenOverflow='0' showAlternateHGridColor='0' showvalues='0' decimals="1" decimalSeparator=',' inDecimalSeparator="," sDecimals="2" snumberSuffix='%' numVisiblePlot='10' baseFontColor='000000' canvasBorderColor='999999' showLimits='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' showBorder='0' PYAxisMinValue='0' PYAxisMaxValue='12' SYAxisMinValue='0' SYAxisMaxValue='120' legendPosition ='right' numdivlines='5' > <categories> <category label='Category 1' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Value 1' color="399E38"> <set value='6,63' tooltext="Category 1{br}Value 1: 6,63{br}Value 2: 91,53%" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Value 2' parentYAxis='S' color="006CAD" renderAs="LINE" > <set value='91,53%' tooltext="Category 1{br}Value 1: 6,63{br}Value 2: 91,53%" /> </dataset> </chart> I attached the resulting charts for: 2 filled-out categories (correct-labels.png); 1 filled-out category and 1 empty category (empty-label;png); and 1 category (undefined-category.png) My company's clients are complaining about the undefined label cases, so please let me know if there is a solution available as soon as possible. Thanks is advance!