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  1. Maps are not displaying correctly

    I removed the fusionscharts 3.4.0 code from my instance after it ruined all my maps. I wanted to wait for you to fix it. You should be able to recreate the maps problem by putting the map within any jqueryUI tabs() instance. It looks like there's a problem with the way you're positioning the country labels. And yes - you are correct - Chrome + xmlurl was the environment where I was getting the "no data" problem. Let me know if there's anything I can do help test your fix.
  2. Maps are not displaying correctly

    Actually, it's worse. If you use ajax to load a chart more than once you get this same error. Furthermore, msline will return no data for the chart (even though console shows data being loaded) if you use xmlurl data.
  3. I just upgraded to FusionMaps XT 3.4.0 and the display of the maps labels is totally off when it is within a jqueryUI tabs panel. Furthermore, there is a javascript error upon rendering in fusioncharts.js on line 745 that is "Uncaught TypeError: cannot read property "offsetWidth" of undefined. Can you take a look ASAP? Thank you!
  4. Exporting data

    It seems when XT 3.4.0 was launched, the method to export raw data disappeared. Did I miss something? I see how we can export charts as images / PDF / etc, but no way to export the data as CSV so people can use it in Excel or other applications. Thank you - the new Javascript charts look great!