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Found 12 results

  1. How can I add a custom pin? Can I use an SVG that I have to show the specific point? Please find attached image Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get my barchart to display a hover value on a label that isn't the label. So for example I would want this to show up when I hover on the $1.95M instead of the bar:
  3. I have a working Gantt chart that displays "Process" items. Each of the process items has a "status" that I would like to display as an icon as opposed to text. Is this possible? Please see attached image.
  4. chart kind : realtime line chart [normal] -> realtimeline_normal.png numdisplaysets : 36 labelStep : 5 [label position bug] -> realtimeline_bug.png numdisplaysets : 30 labelStep : 5 other options are all same --------------------------------------------------------------------- as you can see PNG file label position and xAxisName overlap each other test in ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Hello, I'm evaluating FusionCharts 3.6 and have some questions regarding the rendering of data labels in pie 3D charts. I need to display data with long labels. To configure the charts I specified these xml properties: enableSmartLabels="1" skipOverlapLabels="1" manageLabelOverflow="0" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="1" I've attached a screenshot of the rendered chart (fc_js_3_6.jpg). 1. Is it possible to get labels truncated with ellipses? 2. Is it possible to keep the label text left aligned, even if the label is displayed on the left side of the pie? 3. Is it possible to show tooltips with the complete text for truncated labels? 4. Is it possible to wrap some lables, if there is enough space for multiple lines? I've compared the rendering of the FusionCharts 3.6 with the Flash rendering an old version of FusionCharts and saw that the Flash chart had a perfect label management (see screenshot fc_flash_3_3.jpg). Is there a way to get the same results with the current (or maybe a future) version of FusionCharts?
  6. Hi,, I am using Powercharts V3.3.1 I need on help of few things below. 1. Align the cell content to left in Heat map chart (Imporant) 2. Need to place the x-axis labels on the top of the chart 3. Need to place the legends on the top of the chart. Need to check is ter any property to set for these functionalities, or I need to modify anyting Thanks in advance Regards Krishna Kumar S
  7. Hi, I am using india fusion map for showing some distribution, i need to remove the RA, MA, MP, UT, (State tags), so that my markers will be hovered on mouse over. please assist on this attached is the PNG
  8. Hi, I´m using the same code to render a Pie Chart using Flash and using Javascript (the only difference is "FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript');}" to force Javascript), but I´m getting different results. The Flash Chart shows exactly what I want, but the Javascript Chart doesn't show percentage in labels, as shown in images. The showPercentageInLabel='1' doesn't work in Javascript? Tks! code: <script type="text/javascript"> var myChart = new FusionCharts( "../../FusionCharts/Pie2D.swf", "myChartId1", "240", "240", "0", "1" ); myChart.setXMLUrl("../data/data.xml"); myChart.render("top5_pizza"); </script> data.xml: <chart animation='0' caption='Entradas' subcaption='Referenciado: 172' pieRadius='55' showPercentInToolTip='0' decimals='0' forceDecimals='0' decimalSeparator=',' thousandSeparator='.' slicingDistance='8' showPercentageInLabel='1' formatNumberScale='0' showValues='1' showLabels='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' showBorder='0' startingAngle='90' showLegend='1' legendShadow = '0' legendBorderColor = 'ffffff' smartLineColor = 'ffffff'> <set label='Outros' value='72' color='E3E3E3' /> <set label='Referenciado' value='100' color='043C6B' isSliced = '1' /> </chart>
  9. Data Label customization

    Hello, I'd like to use the rotate and labelstep features described here: However, I don't know where chart element is. I just have a graph element I'm passing the data to FCF_line from a 2-dimensional PHP array: $strXML = "<graph caption='xxx' subcaption='xxxx' xAxisName='xxx' yAxisName='xxx' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize ='18' baseFontColor ='000000' numberPrefix='' formatNumberScale='0' decimalPrecision='2' yAxisMinValue='-0.5' yAxisMaxValue='2' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='9' divLineIsDashed='1' divLineColor='8CB1FF' numVDivLines='xxx'>"; foreach ($arrData as $arSubData) $strXML .= "<set name='" . $arSubData[1] . "' value='" . $arSubData[2] ."' color='#FF0000' />"; $strXML .= "</graph>"; echo renderChart("../../FusionCharts/FCF_Line.swf", "", $strXML, "liftcurve", 700, 700); Any hints? Thanks in advance! P.S Any way to use HTML special chars (ie. greek letters or è ò à) in the captions? I just get an empty space whenever I use them.
  10. Chart Rerendering

    Hello, can anyone help me? how can i rerendering a Chart without disable labels? When i disable one label with 99% and i have one label with 1% i would like to see the label with 1 % in big format because it is to small when the label with 99% is able! Thank you Arkin
  11. Hello everybody! I have two questions concerning xAxis Label of MSLine2D charts.. First of all : - How do I manage the display of labels on xAxis? I've already tried the labelStep attribute to the <chart> tag : <chart caption='AverageProcess time' stepLabel = '7'> But it goes on rendering ALL the label from the <category> tag. My second question is more SQL-PHP side : - I set my categories label from a database, where all the dates for a process start are set. So, for every process, there is a lot of dates. but in my SQL query, i wrote : SELECT p.DateStart, p.Name, p.Id FROM processes ORDER BY (p.Name, ASC) That gives me a chart with xAxis label like : '23/04/2013' '25/04/2013' '27/04/2013' (which is for the first process) followed by : '22/04/2013' '23/04/2013' 25/04/2013' (which is for the second process) So, i would like to render my labels by chronological order. How do i do that? by SQL (on Oracle database), by PHP or by XML?? Thanks by advance!
  12. In my company, we are using version 3.3.1, release 19520. I have a Scroll Combination 2D (Dual Y) Chart with dinamically generated data. When the chart has only one category, the category label is shown as 'undefined'. If another category is added to the XML (even if the second category has no label and no set data), the label appears normally. This didn't happen in the previous version we were using (3.2.4, release 8565). The chart is being created like this: var myChart = new FusionCharts("../pluginPath/ScrollCombiDY2D.swf", "chartId", 1518, 244, 0, 1, "FFFFFF", "noScale", "EN", "0", "1"); chart.setDataXML(data); chart.render(myDiv); This is the XML loaded into the data variable: <chart caption='Chart' PYAxisName='Value 1' SYAxisName='Value 2' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' useEllipsesWhenOverflow='0' showAlternateHGridColor='0' showvalues='0' decimals="1" decimalSeparator=',' inDecimalSeparator="," sDecimals="2" snumberSuffix='%' numVisiblePlot='10' baseFontColor='000000' canvasBorderColor='999999' showLimits='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' showBorder='0' PYAxisMinValue='0' PYAxisMaxValue='12' SYAxisMinValue='0' SYAxisMaxValue='120' legendPosition ='right' numdivlines='5' > <categories> <category label='Category 1' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Value 1' color="399E38"> <set value='6,63' tooltext="Category 1{br}Value 1: 6,63{br}Value 2: 91,53%" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Value 2' parentYAxis='S' color="006CAD" renderAs="LINE" > <set value='91,53%' tooltext="Category 1{br}Value 1: 6,63{br}Value 2: 91,53%" /> </dataset> </chart> I attached the resulting charts for: 2 filled-out categories (correct-labels.png); 1 filled-out category and 1 empty category (empty-label;png); and 1 category (undefined-category.png) My company's clients are complaining about the undefined label cases, so please let me know if there is a solution available as soon as possible. Thanks is advance!