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  1. Create plot custom label

    Hi Can I create a custom pin (using image or svg) and show it in a specific value?
  2. Is there an option to use the zoomline chart with gradients? same as in the attached image?
  3. How can I add a custom pin? Can I use an SVG that I have to show the specific point? Please find attached image Thanks
  4. Bar chart columns width

    plotSpacePercent worked! Thanks
  5. Bar chart columns width

    How can I change my bar width? I can't find it anywhere... I want to make it thinner Thanks
  6. Can I design my bar chart with different gradient colors for each bar? for example: the first bar will be a gradient of red & white and second, will be purple & blue? In my chart, I managed to create gradients but it didn't let me give the second bar different colors Thanks