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Found 5 results

  1. Create plot custom label

    Hi Can I create a custom pin (using image or svg) and show it in a specific value?
  2. Hi, I have a new request. Currently, we cannot do whatever we want about the y-axis. I mean we should be able to specify what values we want to show exactly. Whatever are the values in the dataset or whatever is the height of the graph, I want to be able to specify exactly y axis labels needed : in example if I want to have 25% 50% 75% or 10% 20% etc or 22% 44% 88% or 7% 14% 21% etc... etc... How could I do this ? I don't think it's possible with FS at this time. A new functionality related to this could be very nice to be developed I think. What do you think ?
  3. Hi all, I just saw that the 3.14.1 is out, and I just want to say that you did a very nice work just for that new thing : "Some attributes of data plot cosmetics like valueFontColor, valueBgColor and valueBorderColor will now apply at data series and individual data point level." However ... Why did you stopped at these styles ? "valueFontBold" and "valueFontSize" should have been added too at least, both are really useful I think (might be "valueFontAlpha" too ? But not sure in which case to use it yet) ! What do you think of it ?
  4. Hello, We want to use the plottooltext in the dataset to make custom div, but our code is not working. I have tried in a fiddle but, there works fine. (, and in our code doesn't work. ... "dataset":[{"seriesName":"\u00cdndice", "renderAs":"area", "parentYAxis":"S", "color":"#EEEEEE", "alpha":"80", "anchorAlpha":"0", "plotBorderColor":"#EEEEEE", "plotBorderThickness":"1", "plotBorderAlpha":"100", "canvasBgColor":"#f3f3f3", "toolTipBgColor":"#000000", "plottooltext":"<div class='grafica_mensual_gc_area'>customvalue<\/div>", "data":[ {"value":"101,3"}, ... we are using fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.charts.js Also we have detected that a few error in console related to js: fusioncharts.js -> TypeError: FusionCharts.register is not a function line 28 columns 212 fusioncharts.charts.js -> TypeError: na.register is not a function line 6 column127 Comment if you need something else.
  5. Hi, I'm running v2.0.0 and it appears that since I upgraded to this version, charts that have previously installed Custom Attributes (colorpallete) have been removed. Further to this, if I try to add custom colors via Custom Attributes it does not work, neither does setting the chart up again from scratch using colorpallete via Custom Attributes. I am using a single series, two bar chart and wish to set the two colors. This has worked on previous versions of CollabionCharts and previously on FusionCharts. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached an image of one example. As you can see the second bar in the chart is not showing any color. If I edit the chart the colorpallete attribute is missing, but even if I replace this the two colors do not work.