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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I am here to get help on how to rearrange the order for the legend on fusion time chart. For eg: Legend D,F,A,E,B,C and i would like to rearrange them to A,B,C,D,E,F I have tried reverseLegend but couldnt get it to work. timeSeries.AddAttribute("legend", "{enabled:'1',reverseLegend:'1'}") - I cannot find any documentation for this attribute, can anyone help me pls? Thanks in advance!
  2. In my paga.jsp i received 1, 2 or dataSets (diferent Strings). So, depends how much dataSets i received i want to put 1, 2 or 3 dataSet in my chart. Example: "dataset": [ { "seriesname": "1|2|3|2", "data": "1|10|20" }, { "seriesname": "11|12|13", "data": "10|100|200" }, ] And i want to put in automatic, and to depends how much dataSets i received. Its that posible? Thanks
  3. Hello, We want to use the plottooltext in the dataset to make custom div, but our code is not working. I have tried in a fiddle but, there works fine. (, and in our code doesn't work. ... "dataset":[{"seriesName":"\u00cdndice", "renderAs":"area", "parentYAxis":"S", "color":"#EEEEEE", "alpha":"80", "anchorAlpha":"0", "plotBorderColor":"#EEEEEE", "plotBorderThickness":"1", "plotBorderAlpha":"100", "canvasBgColor":"#f3f3f3", "toolTipBgColor":"#000000", "plottooltext":"<div class='grafica_mensual_gc_area'>customvalue<\/div>", "data":[ {"value":"101,3"}, ... we are using fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.charts.js Also we have detected that a few error in console related to js: fusioncharts.js -> TypeError: FusionCharts.register is not a function line 28 columns 212 fusioncharts.charts.js -> TypeError: na.register is not a function line 6 column127 Comment if you need something else.
  4. Due to a system limitation, I can only produce "dataset":[{"label":"Desktop","seriesname":"A","value":"335000"}] instead of the below in the documentation. Anyway to configure it so that it will take the figures similar to my ideal case? Can someone suggest a workaround for me? I'm new to FusionCharts. Thanks in advance. "categories":[{ "category":[{ "label":"Desktop" }, { "label":"Laptop" }, { "label":"Notebook" } ] } ], "dataset":[{ "seriesname":"A", "data":[{ "value":"335000" }, { "value":"225100" }, { "value":"164200" } ] }, { "seriesname":"B", "data":[{ "value":"245000" }, { "value":"198000" }, { "value":"120000" } ] }, { "seriesname":"C", "data":[{ "value":"298000" }, { "value":"109300" }, { "value":"153600" }