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  1. plotToolText not working to print custom divs in dataset

    Sorry, problem solved, it was loading files with the 3.2.4 version and not the 3.11.2
  2. Hello, We want to use the plottooltext in the dataset to make custom div, but our code is not working. I have tried in a fiddle but, there works fine. (http://jsfiddle.net/8PRbM/31/), and in our code doesn't work. ... "dataset":[{"seriesName":"\u00cdndice", "renderAs":"area", "parentYAxis":"S", "color":"#EEEEEE", "alpha":"80", "anchorAlpha":"0", "plotBorderColor":"#EEEEEE", "plotBorderThickness":"1", "plotBorderAlpha":"100", "canvasBgColor":"#f3f3f3", "toolTipBgColor":"#000000", "plottooltext":"<div class='grafica_mensual_gc_area'>customvalue<\/div>", "data":[ {"value":"101,3"}, ... we are using fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.charts.js Also we have detected that a few error in console related to js: fusioncharts.js -> TypeError: FusionCharts.register is not a function line 28 columns 212 fusioncharts.charts.js -> TypeError: na.register is not a function line 6 column127 Comment if you need something else.