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Found 4 results

  1. In my paga.jsp i received 1, 2 or dataSets (diferent Strings). So, depends how much dataSets i received i want to put 1, 2 or 3 dataSet in my chart. Example: "dataset": [ { "seriesname": "1|2|3|2", "data": "1|10|20" }, { "seriesname": "11|12|13", "data": "10|100|200" }, ] And i want to put in automatic, and to depends how much dataSets i received. Its that posible? Thanks
  2. Hi~ In Multi-Series Column 2D Chart, I want to display SeriesName each bottom of each Column. See below picture. Red Under Line! Please Answer me.
  3. Hi, I have a new suggestion for your developper team : The ability to apply the same color as the seriename color to the font values !! It could be particulary useful on radar charts for exemple or on any charts where the values are overlaping. A property like : "applySeriesnameColorToValuesFontColor": "1" at chart level object and may be at dataset level object too ? (apply it only for some but not all for exemple) I am surprised that isn't implemented yet. (or might be it is done and I didn't find it...) Sébastien
  4. I am wondering if I can write JavaScript so that when the user clicks on the "seriesname" in a zoomline chart, if I can toggle between displaying certain values. I know how to write the JavaScript to show and hide elements... I just need to know how to recognize when the user clicks on the "seriesname" to call that function. Any help or links I may have overlooked is appreciated.