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  1. Problem exporting on bar chart

    Oh, gosh! Totally forgot that setting exportEnabled! Thanks so much!! I've added a logo and it isn't showing up in the exported documents whether I use absolute or relative paths... do the images added using logoURL not render in the exports? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, again!!
  2. I'm having problems getting my export options to work on a bar chart. I have successfully implemented this feature on my line charts, but this is not working. jsFiddle ( finds no errors... what am I missing? Thank you so much!
  3. zoomline chart - when "seriesname" is clicked

    Thank you for the information. I no longer need to access the legend items properties. Thank you for you help!!
  4. zoomline chart - when "seriesname" is clicked

    Thanks so much! Very helpful and I'm on my way. How can I tell if the legend item is active or not? For example, what I am doing is showing extra data when the user clicks on the legend item below the chart. If the item is active, I will set visibility to "visible" otherwise, I'll set visibility to "hidden". I can get the toggling working on click, but need to test against the legend item being on or off. Thanks, again!!
  5. I am wondering if I can write JavaScript so that when the user clicks on the "seriesname" in a zoomline chart, if I can toggle between displaying certain values. I know how to write the JavaScript to show and hide elements... I just need to know how to recognize when the user clicks on the "seriesname" to call that function. Any help or links I may have overlooked is appreciated.
  6. x axis on line charts

    I have found a solution! Thank you
  7. x axis on line charts

    Also, I like the x axis label title, but do not care that I see the individual labels. Can I turn that off as well? Thanks so much!
  8. x axis on line charts

    Is there a maximum limit to the number of x axis items you can have on a line chart. For example, I have hundreds of labels, but not all are showing... the end result should resemble more of a heartrate monitor with the points closer together. Is there an option to allow more x axis points or to have the separation be less between each 'reading' on the chart? I'm attaching a test json file, so you can see a the data that I am working with. Thank you! json-example.txt