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Found 9 results

  1. I like to get recommendations on how to automatically update the line chart with new data every couple of seconds (e.g. for every 3 seconds). Since I have 3 Y axes, the real-time line chart doesn't support 3 Y axes. Then I use the Line Chart, and use setInterval(..) to update the chart at a time interval. I am using the Core MVC project, and put the Fusionchart in a View (cshtml file). I have 7000 point data for each line, and have a total of 5 lines. The data is stored in SQL database. Reading all the data and display them take 40 seconds, the time is too long. Instead of reading 7000 points in one shot, I want to read 200 points from SQL database each time, and then display. Then read SQL for the next 200 points and display, and keep repeating. Each time, I want to append the new data points to the prior data. My problem is the controller gets the data, then give to View via ViewBag, it refreshes the View whole page, not very nice. How to just refresh the chart with new data when each time getting data from SQL? Since the setInterval is in View, how to request SQL data from View? ViewGraph.cshtml
  2. Hi I want to create a combination chart with bar chart and line chart using php. Please share me any sample code which help me to sort out my problem. I have a mysql data base which contains a table like the below: Date TagValue Cumulitive Tag Value ---- ------- ------------------------- 1/1/2016 60 60 1/2/2016 80 140 1/3/2016 70 210 1/4/2016 80 290 1/5/2016 50 340 Now I want to create a combination chart of bar and line chart which will show Month in x axis and Tag Value in Y1 axis (in bar chart) and Cumulitive Value in Y2 axis( in line chart) Please help me. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, is it easily possible to change the x-axis with y-axis in fusionCharts? I need a chart for a semantic differential like this: I found no possibilities to change it in these examples: or this: It's necessary to have the x-axis as vertical axis and the y-axis as horizontal. If there a way to get a chart in fusioncharts in the same way as in the picture below? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Friends, Am Working on Chart Application for Producing Statics of Data in Line, Bar and Pie Chart. I Have Problem for Line Chart, i Want to Make Canvas Border of Line Chart As Rounded Corner, how can i do it . . . i used following code for making rounded rectange on graph but when data changes it collapse <annotations> <annotationGroup id="Grp1" showBelow="1"> <annotation type="rectangle" x="60" y="48" toX="785" toY="365 " radius="10" color="000000" fillAlpha="100" showBorder="1" fillColor="ffffff" borderColor="000000" borderThickness="3"/> </annotationGroup> </annotations> please look at screen shot for more details , and suggest me solution . .
  5. x axis on line charts

    Is there a maximum limit to the number of x axis items you can have on a line chart. For example, I have hundreds of labels, but not all are showing... the end result should resemble more of a heartrate monitor with the points closer together. Is there an option to allow more x axis points or to have the separation be less between each 'reading' on the chart? I'm attaching a test json file, so you can see a the data that I am working with. Thank you! json-example.txt
  6. Hi There, I have been reading the documentation and wanted to check which combination chart will best meet the requirements to convert this existing chart to fusion chart. Please take a look at the image of the chart attached Documentation reference Link: I think that my best chance would be to implement mscombidy2d but not sure as it does not mention stacked column in combination with line with dual axis. Any help and advice on this is appreciated. Thanks and Kind Regards, Bharat Patel
  7. Hi There There seems to be some problem with the Alternate color for Horizontal Grid The alternate color does not appear only for this particular chart and I am not able to figure out the problem. Here is the chart data pasted below. Any help to point me to the right direction is much appreciated. Kind Regards, Bharat Patel if (FusionCharts && FusionCharts('cphPageBody_ucInvestGrowth_ctCumulativePerformanceFusionChart') ) FusionCharts('cphPageBody_ucInvestGrowth_ctCumulativePerformanceFusionChart').dispose(); var chart_cphPageBody_ucInvestGrowth_ctCumulativePerformanceFusionChart = new FusionCharts({"renderer" : "javascript", "dataFormat" : "xml", "scaleMode" : "noScale", "renderAt" : "cphPageBody_ucInvestGrowth_ctCumulativePerformanceFusionChartDiv", "lang" : "EN", "debugMode" : "0", "swfUrl" : "MSLine", "id" : "cphPageBody_ucInvestGrowth_ctCumulativePerformanceFusionChart", "wMode" : "opaque", "width" : "100%", "height" : "400px", "registerWithJS" : "1","dataSource" : "<chart caption='VAMI' subCaption='' captionPadding='15' xAxisName='Performance Period' yAxisName='VAMI' showValues='0' showLabels='1' showPlotBorder='0' borderColor='DDDDDD' borderThickness='0' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderColor='DDDDDD' chartLeftMargin='10' chartRightMargin='10' chartTopMargin='10' chartBottomMargin='40' showLegend='1' legendBorderThickness='1' legendBorderColor='DDDDDD' legendShadow='0' legendAllowDrag='0' legendBgColor='FFFFFF' legendPosition='BOTTOM' dateFormat='yyyy-mm-dd' outputDateFormat='dd/mm/yyyy' numberScaleValue='1000,1000' numberScaleUnit='Bn,Tn' showPercentageValues='0' alternateHGridColor='F1F1F1' divLineColor='DDDDDD' vDivLineColor='DDDDDD' vDivLineThickness='1' vDivLineDashed='1' hDivLineDashed='0' numVDivLines='33' numDivLines='0' divLineAlpha='0' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='3000' NumberPrefix='' formatNumber='1' formatNumberScale='0' sformatNumberScale='0' sNumberPrefix='' syncAxisLimits='1' rotateValues='0' showSum='0' canvasPadding='5' valuePadding='0' baseFont='Verdana' valuePosition='AUTO' paletteColors='05C218, 8FFA47, 05C276, C27605, C21805, C20551, 9A0BF9, C205AF, 7605C2, 05AFC2' plotGradientColor='' labelDisplay='Rotate' labelStep='6' showYAxisValues='0' yAxisValuesStep='1' showDivLineValues='1' bgColor='FEFEFE' logoURL='%2fimages%2fSVG%2fpreqin-logo.svg' logoPosition='BR' ExportWithlogo='1' ExportWithBackground='0' showAlternateHGridColor='1' alternateHGridAlpha='50' anchorAlpha='0' exportEnabled='1' exportShowMenuItem='1' exportFormats='PNG=Export as High Quality Image|JPG|PDF=Export as PDF File' exportHandler='/user/uc/Charts/Export/FusionChartExporter.aspx?ExportWithlogo%3dTrue%26logoPosition%3dBR%26ExportWithBackground%3dFalse%26LeftAlignTitleInExport%3dFalse%26LeftAlignSubTitleInExport%3dFalse' exportAction='download' exportFileName='ChartImage'><categories> <category label='Aug-11' /> <category label='Sep-11' /> <category label='Oct-11' /> <category label='Nov-11' /> <category label='Dec-11' /> <category label='Jan-12' /> <category label='Feb-12' /> <category label='Mar-12' /> <category label='Apr-12' /> <category label='May-12' /> <category label='Jun-12' /> <category label='Jul-12' /> <category label='Aug-12' /> <category label='Sep-12' /> <category label='Oct-12' /> <category label='Nov-12' /> <category label='Dec-12' /> <category label='Jan-13' /> <category label='Feb-13' /> <category label='Mar-13' /> <category label='Apr-13' /> <category label='May-13' /> <category label='Jun-13' /> <category label='Jul-13' /> <category label='Aug-13' /> <category label='Sep-13' /> <category label='Oct-13' /> <category label='Nov-13' /> <category label='Dec-13' /> <category label='Jan-14' /> <category label='Feb-14' /> <category label='Mar-14' /> <category label='Apr-14' /> <category label='May-14' /> <category label='Jun-14' /></categories><dataset seriesName='chartArea1' > <set value='1000.00' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='1067.68' /> <set value='1158.86' /> <set value='1296.18' /> <set value='1374.99' /> <set value='1449.65' /> <set value='1386.74' /> <set value='1416.28' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='1415.67' /> <set value='1513.49' /> <set value='1597.64' /> <set value='1638.38' /> <set value='1675.74' /> <set value='1709.25' /> <set value='1845.65' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='1822.68' /> <set value='1866.24' /> <set value='1750.72' /> <set value='1909.69' /> <set value='1865.38' /> <set value='1974.88' /> <set value='2007.27' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='2113.83' /> <set value='2124.82' /> <set value='2216.19' /> <set value='0.00' /> <set value='2282.22' /> <set value='2355.25' /> <set value='2407.77' /></dataset><styles> <definition> <style name='CanvasAnim' type='animation' param='_xScale' start='0' duration='1' /> <style name='CaptionStyle' type='font' font='Verdana' isHTML='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Canvas' styles='CanvasAnim' /> <apply toObject='Caption' styles='CaptionStyle' /> </application></styles></chart>"}).render()
  8. Hi I am using line chart, my requirement is when mouseover on the chart's data point i need anchor point on that, please find the attached image which is drawn on the red circle. Please advise how to do this? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, Is there any way to display square anchor without rotation ?? , If I have anchorSides='4' in Trend chart XML, I’m getting rotated square anchor, I have to display square anchor without rotation. Thanks in advance