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Found 7 results

  1. I need to remove the dollar ($) sign from the top of the first bar which is showing the values $410K,only we need 410K
  2. I want to plot 2D bar chart and trend chart on same canvas similar to 2D Single Y Combination (Combi 2D) but I didn't find any way out. Could you please help me on this?
  3. Hi, Is it possible to add new property "minLabelWidthPercent" (as the "maxLabelWidthPercent" exists) for next versions... I mean when you have two bar charts which pass from right to down in responsive dashboard, how can you fix the same horizontal alignement between the two charts ??? it's impossible actually. My labels o the two charts are dynamics, so I can't put <br/>... And can't put blank chars on all labels because it will align on left... I already found something : I get the label length of chart 1 I get the label length of chart 2 I calculate diff between the two label length And i put blank chars on the lower length of the two... The graphs are aligned... BUT this can be corrected easily with a new property : minLabelWidthPercent What do you think of that ? Sébastien
  4. Hi I want to create a combination chart with bar chart and line chart using php. Please share me any sample code which help me to sort out my problem. I have a mysql data base which contains a table like the below: Date TagValue Cumulitive Tag Value ---- ------- ------------------------- 1/1/2016 60 60 1/2/2016 80 140 1/3/2016 70 210 1/4/2016 80 290 1/5/2016 50 340 Now I want to create a combination chart of bar and line chart which will show Month in x axis and Tag Value in Y1 axis (in bar chart) and Cumulitive Value in Y2 axis( in line chart) Please help me. Thanks in advance
  5. Horizontal bar chart

    Hi, Is there a way to left align the category on a horizontal bar chart? Currently, it looks like it is by default right justified. Thanks, Kelly
  6. Bar chart shape

    Hi, PFA screen shot of a chart. I want the same to be implemented using fusion chart. Is there is any possible way to implement that in fusion bar chart. I want the shape of the bar should be somthing similar to the screen shot. Anyone kindly help me on this asap. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am using fusion charts to display data in bar chart format, While displaying large data in bar chart view it is not working as expected in firefox but it is working perfect in other browsers. I have attached two screen shots showing large data perfect in chrome and other of firefox which is not showing all data. I am using fusion chart version, Firefox 23.0.1 Please me know if anyone have similar problem. Thank you