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  1. Hi, I found a bug in FC, when you're setting : decimals: "0" and you have negative values in your graph, the value is not well rounded. In example : -3.5 should be rounded at -4, currently it show -3. I think this is because your devs are using the Math.round integrated function of JS, but this is something wrong. Try this dataSource : const chartData = { chart: { caption: "Test decimals", theme: "fusion", decimals: "0" }, data: [ { label: "test1", value: "3.5" }, { label: "test2", value: "-3.5" }, { label: "test3", value: "-2.5" }, { label: "test4", value: "+2.4" }, { label: "test5", value: "-10.5" } ] }; I suggest to use this function I delveloped myself that I always use to have good rounding relative numbers (my variables are in french but it works) : /** * Permet d'arrondir un nombre à la décimale souhaitée * @param {number} nombre Nombre à arrondir. * @param {number} decimales Nombre de décimales à arrondir. (Par défaut 0) * @returns {number} */ function arrondi(nombre, decimales = 0) { if (decimales < -1) throw new Error("Le nombre de décimales ne peut être inférieur à -1."); var neg = nombre < 0; if (decimales == -1) return nombre; else { var nombre_abs = Math.round(Math.abs(nombre) * Math.pow(10, decimales)) / Math.pow(10, decimales); if (neg) return -nombre_abs else return nombre_abs; } }
  2. Vuejs Plugin

    Hi all, I'm trying to use the Vuejs component for fusioncharts. How do I must proceed ? I mean that I know there's a download function on your website : but it says this will be a trial. I have a licensed fusioncharts.js, how do I get the good version of Vuejs plugin ? Thank you
  3. maxBarHeight isn't working anymore

    Hi Akash, Good thank you for noticing me !
  4. maxBarHeight isn't working anymore

    Hi, I think there's a bug : maxBarHeight isn't working anymore. Please find the issue on this code pen link.
  5. Hi, I have a new request. Currently, we cannot do whatever we want about the y-axis. I mean we should be able to specify what values we want to show exactly. Whatever are the values in the dataset or whatever is the height of the graph, I want to be able to specify exactly y axis labels needed : in example if I want to have 25% 50% 75% or 10% 20% etc or 22% 44% 88% or 7% 14% 21% etc... etc... How could I do this ? I don't think it's possible with FS at this time. A new functionality related to this could be very nice to be developed I think. What do you think ?
  6. Hi all, I just saw that the 3.14.1 is out, and I just want to say that you did a very nice work just for that new thing : "Some attributes of data plot cosmetics like valueFontColor, valueBgColor and valueBorderColor will now apply at data series and individual data point level." However ... Why did you stopped at these styles ? "valueFontBold" and "valueFontSize" should have been added too at least, both are really useful I think (might be "valueFontAlpha" too ? But not sure in which case to use it yet) ! What do you think of it ?
  7. Pie or doughnut chart placing values inside

    Hi, Just saw that in 3.14 you've added the possibility to place the values inside, this is very good. I saw also that you take in account my second ask to set a min value before showing them, this is very good too. Thank you !
  8. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi, Very happy that you took in account this, it will be helpful thank you.
  9. Doughnut2D enableRotation property ignored

    Hi ! Oh sorry, the bug is between the chair and the screen this time
  10. Hi, I report a new bug, please see this fiddle : The rotation is active while it shouldn't with "enableRotation" :"0"
  11. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi Akash, I am using the latest version 3.13.3-sr1 Please see in this fiddle, may be it's a particular property that is breaking the alignment ?
  12. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi all, I have noticed a pro blem that occurs in stackedbar2d graph. The values that are showed by "showSum" property are not aligned at middle (vertically) like below. I know that I can use annotations for this sum too but it could be centered with the native option directly. Have a nice day, Sébastien
  13. Pie or doughnut chart placing values inside

    Hi Akash, As I use my doughnut in a dashboard, the values are always changing so this means annotations manually placed is very difficult. The ideal thing could be to have a property (like 'placeValuesInside': '1') to place the values inside (and leave label outside). Another property could be added in addition : 'minDisplayValue': '5' which hide values under the specified number. (Label stills outside and displayed ! The tooltip will make the job) Sébastien
  14. Hi ! My question is simple : How to place values inside a pie/doughnut chart instead of outside ? Sébastien
  15. multi series line chart legend click animation disabled

    Thanks for the reply, i'm glad to see there's an option to do it.