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Found 6 results

  1. I cannot find a way to make showValues: '1' show the data plot values in a zoomline graphic with Fusion Charts. You see and try it in this fiddle: ¿Is there a way to make it work for zoomline charts? The thing is that with a line chart is working:
  2. Hi all, I just saw that the 3.14.1 is out, and I just want to say that you did a very nice work just for that new thing : "Some attributes of data plot cosmetics like valueFontColor, valueBgColor and valueBorderColor will now apply at data series and individual data point level." However ... Why did you stopped at these styles ? "valueFontBold" and "valueFontSize" should have been added too at least, both are really useful I think (might be "valueFontAlpha" too ? But not sure in which case to use it yet) ! What do you think of it ?
  3. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi all, I have noticed a pro blem that occurs in stackedbar2d graph. The values that are showed by "showSum" property are not aligned at middle (vertically) like below. I know that I can use annotations for this sum too but it could be centered with the native option directly. Have a nice day, Sébastien
  4. Hi ! My question is simple : How to place values inside a pie/doughnut chart instead of outside ? Sébastien
  5. Values in Legend?

    Hey, I would like to know if it is at all possible to put the values in the Legend, preferably on the Right hand side in a column. I have read through your documentation and don't think there is a lot of option to perform this task. Currently I am appending it as text to the front of the label: { label: me.nFormatter(data.get('amountRequested')) + " Requested", value: data.get('amountRequested') } I have noticed I cannot even put <span> tags around the data in hopes for format it using css. Is there any way to move the data to the right side after the label in a column? ~ Jacob
  6. Funnel chart not rendering zero values

    Funnel chart doesn't render stages with zero amounts if there are no positive amounts at all. If there is at least one positive amount, stages with zero amounts will be rendered. Response for Does render.png: Response for Does not render.png: