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  1. Hey Guys, I just wanted to post this, I was looking for a solution today and wasn't able to find anything that worked. Figured I would help out the next person looking for this. Basically the idea was when they click some where in the USA, there would be a table populated with the information and that state would stay selected on the map. Unfortunately fusion charts does not allow you to do this through just settings of their own so the best way I came up with was this. First create a click event on your map. myMapObject.addEventListener('entityClick', entityClickEvent); Next lets make the event function. var entityClickEvent = function (evt, d) { var id = d.id.toUpperCase(); var chart = evt.sender.getJSONData(); var data = chart.data; for (var i = 0, l = data.length; i < l; i++) { var da = data[i]; if (da.color) { delete da.color; } if (da.id.toUpperCase() == id) { da.color = '0000ff'; } } evt.sender.setJSONData(chart); }; Fun additional fact, the d parameter above gives you the data from the marker selected. You can use this to display values in a table next to your map. Hopefully this helps someone out Jacob
  2. Fusion Charts failing to fire all events

    I found a way to fix this issue, by moving the init call from FusionCharts listener to the container itself. I no longer need help as this has passed all my tests. Thanks for your time, mods please close and remove this thread.
  3. Hello, Version: Fusion Charts 3.3.1 R3 Renderer: JavaScript - Works better in my project. Issue: Currently the FusionCharts are not firing the DrawComplete or Rendered events. This doesn't happen all the time, the first time the page loads with all the charts the events are all fired properly. However when a user filters the charts down using a combobox, the new charts that are displayed no longer fire all the events. They do however display correctly, render complete with data properly. This is an issue because I display a load mask that waits until all charts that fire the initialized event fire the rendered event. The loadmask now never disappears. It also affects my pdf rendering as the load manager never fires the page complete event. How I am creating the chart object: How I am rendering the chart :snippit: I also run this code before creating the new charts: How do I ensure that the chart that displays correctly fires the Rendered event? Jacob UPDATE #1 When switching the page: the Debug renders. (Looks like the Initialized is firing too many times.) Just the initialized and rendered events from below (Should be 8 init and 8 Rendered - 14 init 8 rendered) Entire log
  4. Values in Legend?

    Thanks for your assistance, it doesn't exactly provide the level of customization I would like when being inserted into a complex theme, however it looks a lot better then my alternative method of formatting the number and placing it in the label text.
  5. Values in Legend?

    Hey, I would like to know if it is at all possible to put the values in the Legend, preferably on the Right hand side in a column. I have read through your documentation and don't think there is a lot of option to perform this task. Currently I am appending it as text to the front of the label: { label: me.nFormatter(data.get('amountRequested')) + " Requested", value: data.get('amountRequested') } I have noticed I cannot even put <span> tags around the data in hopes for format it using css. Is there any way to move the data to the right side after the label in a column? ~ Jacob