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  1. Vuejs Plugin

    Hi all, I'm trying to use the Vuejs component for fusioncharts. How do I must proceed ? I mean that I know there's a download function on your website : but it says this will be a trial. I have a licensed fusioncharts.js, how do I get the good version of Vuejs plugin ? Thank you
  2. maxBarHeight isn't working anymore

    Hi Akash, Good thank you for noticing me !
  3. maxBarHeight isn't working anymore

    Hi, I think there's a bug : maxBarHeight isn't working anymore. Please find the issue on this code pen link.
  4. Hi all, I just saw that the 3.14.1 is out, and I just want to say that you did a very nice work just for that new thing : "Some attributes of data plot cosmetics like valueFontColor, valueBgColor and valueBorderColor will now apply at data series and individual data point level." However ... Why did you stopped at these styles ? "valueFontBold" and "valueFontSize" should have been added too at least, both are really useful I think (might be "valueFontAlpha" too ? But not sure in which case to use it yet) ! What do you think of it ?
  5. Hi, I have a new request. Currently, we cannot do whatever we want about the y-axis. I mean we should be able to specify what values we want to show exactly. Whatever are the values in the dataset or whatever is the height of the graph, I want to be able to specify exactly y axis labels needed : in example if I want to have 25% 50% 75% or 10% 20% etc or 22% 44% 88% or 7% 14% 21% etc... etc... How could I do this ? I don't think it's possible with FS at this time. A new functionality related to this could be very nice to be developed I think. What do you think ?
  6. Hi ! My question is simple : How to place values inside a pie/doughnut chart instead of outside ? Sébastien
  7. Pie or doughnut chart placing values inside

    Hi, Just saw that in 3.14 you've added the possibility to place the values inside, this is very good. I saw also that you take in account my second ask to set a min value before showing them, this is very good too. Thank you !
  8. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi all, I have noticed a pro blem that occurs in stackedbar2d graph. The values that are showed by "showSum" property are not aligned at middle (vertically) like below. I know that I can use annotations for this sum too but it could be centered with the native option directly. Have a nice day, Sébastien
  9. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi, Very happy that you took in account this, it will be helpful thank you.
  10. Doughnut2D enableRotation property ignored

    Hi ! Oh sorry, the bug is between the chair and the screen this time
  11. Hi, I report a new bug, please see this fiddle : The rotation is active while it shouldn't with "enableRotation" :"0"
  12. Sum values of stackedbar2d not centered

    Hi Akash, I am using the latest version 3.13.3-sr1 Please see in this fiddle, may be it's a particular property that is breaking the alignment ?
  13. Pie or doughnut chart placing values inside

    Hi Akash, As I use my doughnut in a dashboard, the values are always changing so this means annotations manually placed is very difficult. The ideal thing could be to have a property (like 'placeValuesInside': '1') to place the values inside (and leave label outside). Another property could be added in addition : 'minDisplayValue': '5' which hide values under the specified number. (Label stills outside and displayed ! The tooltip will make the job) Sébastien
  14. Hi, When FC was on 3.10 version, the multi-series line chart had a nice functionality : when clicking on legend, the line is going from its position to below and by clicking again from below to its position, this was really a nice animation. Since the 3.11 version, why did you disable it ? Is there any option to reactivate it ? Thank you, Sébastien
  15. multi series line chart legend click animation disabled

    Thanks for the reply, i'm glad to see there's an option to do it.
  16. Hi, Is it possible to add new property "minLabelWidthPercent" (as the "maxLabelWidthPercent" exists) for next versions... I mean when you have two bar charts which pass from right to down in responsive dashboard, how can you fix the same horizontal alignement between the two charts ??? it's impossible actually. My labels o the two charts are dynamics, so I can't put <br/>... And can't put blank chars on all labels because it will align on left... I already found something : I get the label length of chart 1 I get the label length of chart 2 I calculate diff between the two label length And i put blank chars on the lower length of the two... The graphs are aligned... BUT this can be corrected easily with a new property : minLabelWidthPercent What do you think of that ? Sébastien
  17. Hi, I have a new suggestion for your developper team : The ability to apply the same color as the seriename color to the font values !! It could be particulary useful on radar charts for exemple or on any charts where the values are overlaping. A property like : "applySeriesnameColorToValuesFontColor": "1" at chart level object and may be at dataset level object too ? (apply it only for some but not all for exemple) I am surprised that isn't implemented yet. (or might be it is done and I didn't find it...) Sébastien
  18. same value font color than seriesname color

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes, the tip (more than a solution) is to use annotations, we already tested : The texts annotations slow the perfs of the whole dashboard (and I have 2 radars until 5 dataset object in !). After reflexion, I've decided to tell at my customer that it will not be possible, only because of perfs. Sébastien
  19. new property minLabelWidthPercent for bar charts

    Hi, Ok thank you Prerana This is a nice tool, I didn't know it ; I think I will use it for other cases In your fiddle, you forgot to wrap with 'false' parameter of getSmartText method. However if a newbie developper use FusionCharts, this will take a lot of time to manage these labels, a simple property on the chart could be more effective for the dashboard developpement speed. (And also for experimented developpers it takes some time to develop any tips to find a solution) Sébastien
  20. new property minLabelWidthPercent for bar charts

    Hi, Hmm your answer seems that the wrapping of the text will not be implemented early. It could be nice if your developpers take a look at this. I think I'm not the only one who thought about it. Thanks for the answer anyway, Sébastien
  21. new property minLabelWidthPercent for bar charts

    Prerana, Oh nice find, thank you very much... This isn't I want have the last word ^^ but there's something which is missing yet : an automatic wrapping of the text ! I know already we can put {br} but with random labels it needs some "other than FusionCharts" stuff... Sébastien
  22. new property minLabelWidthPercent for bar charts

    Hi, You can find here the problem : As you can see I can't prevent the alignement easily (I mean with FusionCharts configuration attributes) Sébastien
  23. Hi ! I think that I ask is not possible but I try I want to do multiplications and divisions with macros of annotations. For exemple here the JSFiddle : I try to put the green circle (last annotation in code) in the center of the canvas, how can I do that ? I tried like the JSFiddle exemple : $canvasStartX + ($canvasWidth / 2) But the ($canvasWidth / 2) is ignored, when i remove brackets / 2 is ignored. Do you have any other solution for me ? Keep in mind the chart is dynamically resized, so fixed values don't work. Thank you, Sébastien
  24. Calculation issue with annotations macros

    Hi Vishalika, Thanks for this. Well I didn't take exactly your exemple but i took : yaxis.0.label.5.x to place on 0, and yaxis.0.label.6.x to place on 20 and etc... I am happy thats finaly works Thank you, Sébastien
  25. Calculation issue with annotations macros

    Thanks for this confirmation. However, can someone help me about the fiddle I post. I mean, how can I place an annotation at 0 on x-axis without calculation ? Thank you, Sébastien