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  1. Fusion Chart Export feature

    Hi, If I just run the code as purely HTML, both the IE and Chrome deployment will show 5 options including the XLS. However, if I complied the codes as an Oracle procedure (just like sql procedure), the IE deployment will only show 4 options (i.e. excluding XLS). Any idea why this is so? Thanks, Kelly
  2. Fusion Chart Export feature

    Hi, Please see attached with a sample and screen shots of what IE and Chrome show. The only parameter added for the export feature is exportEnabled = '1'. We downloaded the v3.11.3 version sometimes last year. Apparently the export chart function is working with differences in Chrome and IE. Also the export to XLS has bug as it chopped off text that has a comma (','). You have mentioned that is reported as a bug already, please keep us posted. Thanks, Kelly FusionChartProblem.pdf
  3. Fusion Chart Export feature

    Hi, I tried this on another machine, same result. In IE there is only 4 export options available, but in Chrome, XLS is added as the 5th export option. My version of IE is: 11/0.9600, will that make a difference? Thanks, Kelly
  4. Fusion Chart Export feature

    Hi, As I have attached the screen shot in IE before. In IE, version 11, there is only 4 export options available (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG), Chrome has five (including XLS). And I have set exportEnabled = '1'. Thanks, Kelly
  5. Hi, We have just upgraded to v.3.11.3, and we have added exportedEnabled = '1', exportAtClientSide = '1' in the setting. However, we found the following differences in the IE and Chrome web browser: 1. In IE(version IE11), there are only 4 options of export available: (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG) In Chrome(version 55): XLS is added to the list: (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, XLS) Why there is a difference between the two browsers? 2. Also, I noticed that in the exported XLS, the label information (which has a comma in it) is being chopped off, why? I am attaching the scenarios describe above for your reference. Please let me know what can be done to fix this. Thanks, Kelly Fusion chart export features.pdf
  6. Hi, I know that V3.1 were flash and V3.7 is purely using JavaScripts. The example that you showed is a general example that I see on your site (it doesn't even use the bubbleScale parameter). Did you guys try to run the same set of data using the v3.1 and then v3.7 and check if the bubble sizes change? You are saying that since the technology has been changed the bubble sizes can also be changed regardless of the same set of data. If the rendering chart is going to change from version to version, how can customer be trusted to use your product? It is important that user is able to define the size of the bubble based on the z values. I saw someone posted similar question on your site in 2010 on how to set the size of the bubble, and the proposed solution is to alter the size of the z values (so Fusion chart is asking customer to change data so that the chart can be rendered better???). I think your team should look into this matter seriously to see how you can improve the product. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Please see the attached file to show the difference of bubble sizes on the same set of data using version v3.1 and v3.7. The data are the same for both versions, but you can see that the v3.7 render much bigger bubbles than the v3.1. Also, I did not set the bubbleScale parameter to anything in both instances. Help! Thanks, Kelly Bubble size
  8. Hi, We have just upgraded from V3.1 to V3.7 and noticed a difference on the bubble chart. The size of the bubbles are based on the values on the Z data, which we have the same values for Z, but the bubbles' sizes are way bigger than before. Is there a way to make a fix size for different bubble values? In our case, we have five different sizes for bubbles: value size <5M 2 >5 M <10M 4 >10M <15M 8 >15M <20 M 16 >20M 32 Can we make a fix size for each of the value above? Apparently the Fusion chart now is randomly adjusting the bubble sizes for us. In one chart, we have 2 set of Z values: < 5 M, and >5M <10 M. In the 3.1 version, the bubble sizes are ok, however in the v3.7, the bubbles are huge. It will be nice if we can always have a constant size for each bubble size. Please advice. Thanks, Kelly
  9. Hi, We have upgraded to V3.7 recently, I noticed that when I move the tooltip in a chart, there are white lines to go with that. It was not like that before. Please see the attached file for the problem. Is there a parameter that I need to change/set to get rid of the white lines when moving the tooltip? Thanks, Kelly tooltip.pdf
  10. Horizontal bar chart

    Hi Moonmi, I am asking how to left justified the labels/category on the y-axis of the hortizontal bar chart. In your example, I would like: Bakersfield Central Garden Groove Harbor Los Angeles Topanga not Bakersfield Central Garden Groove Harbor Los Angeles Topanga
  11. Horizontal bar chart

    Hi, Is there a way to left align the category on a horizontal bar chart? Currently, it looks like it is by default right justified. Thanks, Kelly
  12. Hi Nabajeet, We are not using quirks mode in IE. The same piece of codes rendering the chart properly with no issues when we are using V3.11, ever since we switched to v3.4, v3.5, and now v.3.6, the labels start to move up and down. We have been using IE 8 all along (not quirks mode), I also tested the same piece of code in IE 11 yesterday, the same thing happens.
  13. Hi Swarnam, Here are the info for your questions. The chart width and height are: l_chart_width VARCHAR2(10) := '750'; l_chart_height VARCHAR2(10) := '500'; l_chart_type VARCHAR2(100) := 'Stackedcolumn2D'; The table width and height are: l_table_width VARCHAR2(100) :=750; l_table_height VARCHAR2(100) :=600; <table width="<%=l_table_width%>" height="<%=l_table_height%>" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="5" align="center" border="0"> var myChart = new FusionCharts( "<%= l_chart_type %>","<%= l_myChartid %>", "<%= l_chart_width %>","<%= l_chart_height %>", "0", "1" ); I tried your suggestion: <table style='width:100%;height:100%;position:relative;'> , the labels still moving up and down. Thanks, Kelly
  14. Hi, We are using v3.6 as indicated at the very beginning of this bug report. I have reported this bug before, the support number is: 249649. We have no problem when we used the v3.1.1 version, we tried it in v3.4, v3.5 and found the same error. We were told to upgraded to v3.6, which this bug still comes up. Please check all the doc that I attached to see the "bug". Also if you can look into support number - 249649, you will find the same. Thanks, Kelly
  15. Hi Moonmi, I kind of doing the same technique as yours to flip the x value from high to low (left to right). I have a quick question, the type: 'bubble', should it be 'Bubble'? Currently I am using v3.6, however, I am using the Bubble.swf as my chart type and it works. As soon as I change to either 'bubble' or 'Bubble' for my chart type, it didn't work? Why? Thanks, Kelly