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  1. Thank you very much Prerana. Let me try with your solution. My another problem is that I will have to run my pages in a PC which will have no internet connection. But to view the chart I have to include the below JS file. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Due to unavailability of internet, this js script will not run. SO is there any way to download that script and keep the script in my PC. I think it makes sense to you. Thanks, Arijit Dutta
  2. Hi I want to create a combination chart with bar chart and line chart using php. Please share me any sample code which help me to sort out my problem. I have a mysql data base which contains a table like the below: Date TagValue Cumulitive Tag Value ---- ------- ------------------------- 1/1/2016 60 60 1/2/2016 80 140 1/3/2016 70 210 1/4/2016 80 290 1/5/2016 50 340 Now I want to create a combination chart of bar and line chart which will show Month in x axis and Tag Value in Y1 axis (in bar chart) and Cumulitive Value in Y2 axis( in line chart) Please help me. Thanks in advance