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  1. Thank you, Akash. All that is very helpful.
  2. Hi, I am just very happy with Alpha-possibility. The wish would be also to set picture in pixel to the right or button. Maybe is only possible to align by "bgImageValign" or "bgImageHalign". There is no other possibility?
  3. Hi Akash, that is good and useful for me. Thank you very much for this hint. It is possible to set picture also in the center alignment of the heatmap maybe or to set position more right? I did not find something like that in the documentation.
  4. Hi, would be just very great, if it was possible to set the picture not in the labels. Is there anybody who is able to advise me or is that impossible by fusionCharts? "chart": { "theme": "fint", "toolTipColor" : "#333", "toolTipBgColor" : "#FFF", "bgImage" : "../bilder/1.gif", "bgImageValign" : "middle", "alpha" : '30', "plotFillAlpha" : '30', "showPlotBorder": "1" . . . The Alpha values don't make picture visible. Have the background-property any sense in the heatmap from fusionCharts? IN FIDDLE
  5. Hi Ayan, there have to be some little sqare areas of some coords on the body of this person. Like shown on this picture. The areas must have the size of the neck of this person. So the image is the most important issue, not a design. Every sqare area in the size of the neck have a collection of coordinates. Polygon-Areas would be the greatest thing, but maybe not with fusionCharts.
  6. Hi, it is possible in PowerCharts to set an image behind the heatmap as background? I want to have the image behind the heatmap, not behind the labels. Otherwise it makes no sense. Because the heatmap must have x-coordinates and y-coordinates of the picture. (not the same labels as in that example.) example in fiddle
  7. Hi, is it easily possible to change the x-axis with y-axis in fusionCharts? I need a chart for a semantic differential like this: I found no possibilities to change it in these examples: or this: It's necessary to have the x-axis as vertical axis and the y-axis as horizontal. If there a way to get a chart in fusioncharts in the same way as in the picture below? Thanks in advance.
  8. Vertical Line In Chart

    Here is an picture how I want to create this line chart vertical. Is in this version of fusionchart any chance to create this?
  9. Vertical Line In Chart

    Hi, do anyone know how I can display an vertical line? I didn't found any chart for this. Or it is possible to rotate or change the X/Y-Axis here? Grischa