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  1. Hi I have given the following chart properties for Column2D chart, in this numVDivLines given 11 , but i am not getinng the vertical div line , what is wrong on this code , how to fix this. Find the attached image of the output chart <chart plotGradientColor="" showPlotBorder ="0" numVDivLines="11" animation="0" divLineAlpha="0" caption="" showValues="0" decimals="0" formatNumberScale="0" vDivLineIsDashed="1" vDivLineDashLen="10" numberPrefix="$" vDivLineDashGap="2" vDivLineColor="000000" vDivLineAlpha="80" showAlternateHGridColor="0" showFCMenuItem="0" showYAxisValues="0" showBorder="0" canvasBorderAlpha="10" toolTipBgColor="854019">\n\ Thanks
  2. Line chart X-axis label

    Hi Bindhu Thanks for your help it works fine.
  3. Line chart X-axis label

    Hi I need vline line label should be center between the vlines, there is any possible to do this? Please fine the attached image current vline value showing on the chart Thanks
  4. Hi I am using line chart, my requirement is when mouseover on the chart's data point i need anchor point on that, please find the attached image which is drawn on the red circle. Please advise how to do this? Thanks
  5. Line chart X-axis label

    Hi Bindhu It works fine, It is very helpful to me. Thanks a lot
  6. Line chart X-axis label

    ok thanks, but i need another idea to show the Month names in X-axis
  7. Line chart X-axis label

    Hi I am using line chart with 365 x-axis values , but i need to show x-axis label like ( JAN, FEB, etc...) instead of all values from x-axis, the chart is going to show based on the 365 values, for eg. JAN month will have 5 values from x-axis. Please find the attached screenshot. Thanks
  8. Line chart change y-axis values

    I tried your idea it works good Thanks
  9. Hi I am using line chart X-axis in months like (Jan, Feb,...) and Y-axis some values My issue is Y-axis value show based on the dates between the month, but X-axis should show only 12 Months. How to fix this issue? Thanks Arul