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Found 3 results

  1. How do I create a multi-series 2D line chart, using both the primary and secondary Y axes, in which one (or both) of the Y axes are inverted? A good example of why this is useful would be charting both a quantity and a ranking measure over time. The quantity would be plotted against one Y axis (larger numbers appear higher up), and the ranking measure against the other Y axis (higher rank values are smaller numbers and appear higher up). Can I do this with FusionCharts 3.16.0? How? If not, can I make a feature request? Thinking further, this idea could be generalized. Simply make the primary and secondary Y axes scale independently to each other. For example primary Y axis = (linear or logarithmic or inverted), secondary Y axis = (linear or logarithmic or inverted) in any combination. Then configure each data series to plot against one or the other Y axis. Sounds like a useful feature, yes? Thanks.
  2. I want single line chart, with dual y axis; i.e. each point of line have two values for both y axis. ex. in below chart, consider all points connected as line. approx values. (for simplicity did, y2 value = 2 * y1, actual values are different.) Point 1 refer as Month=Jan, Qty=20, Amount=40K Point 2 refer as Month=Feb, Qty=18, Amount=36K Point 3 refer as Month=Mar, Qty=13, Amount=26K Point 4 refer as Month=Apr, Qty=22, Amount=44K Point 5 refer as Month=May, Qty=16, Amount=32K 35|______________________________________________________________|70K |_________________*_____________________________________________| 30|_______________________________________________________________|60K |_______________________________________________________________| 25|_______________________________________________________________|50K |_______________________________________________________________| 20|___*_________________________________________*__________________|40K |_______________________________________________________________| 15|___________________________________________________________*___|30K |_______________________________*_______________________________| 10|_______________________________________________________________|20K |_______________________________________________________________| 5|_______________________________________________________________|10K |_______________________________________________________________| Qty------Jan----------Feb------------------Mar---------------------Apr---------------May----Amount How can i achieve same?
  3. Hi There, I have been reading the documentation and wanted to check which combination chart will best meet the requirements to convert this existing chart to fusion chart. Please take a look at the image of the chart attached Documentation reference Link: I think that my best chance would be to implement mscombidy2d but not sure as it does not mention stacked column in combination with line with dual axis. Any help and advice on this is appreciated. Thanks and Kind Regards, Bharat Patel