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  1. Container resize with FC 3.17

    Hi Ayan, I replied to you by direct message. Did you receive it? Thanks.
  2. Container resize with FC 3.17

    Hello. The bug also is present on other charts types. I use mscombidy2d and inversemsline and multiaxisline, all of which exhibit this bug in FC 3.17 Unfortunately, for me, this means 3.17.0 is not viable for production use. When can we expect a fix please?
  3. Annotations in the plot area mask rollover/rollout events

    Hi Akash, After some fiddling, I find that if I set the "valuePadding": to a large negative number say "-10000" then it forces the text string over to the far left end of the bar. This is probably not an intended use of valuePadding, but it is good enough for my needs. Now I can remove the bar annotations and avoid their pesky mouse event complications. Thanks for your help.
  4. Annotations in the plot area mask rollover/rollout events

    Hi Akash, Thank you for that fiddle and link to doco. "displayValue" is a similar idea to what I need, however I believe the position of the text on the bar cannot be controlled (other than inside or outside). Is that right? Annotations, on the other hand, have powerful positioning logic and macros that let me place the text anywhere. For example it can be placed at the left-hand end of the bar. So it appears that I am still stuck, yes? Thanks.
  5. Annotations in the plot area mask rollover/rollout events

    Hi Akash, You have correctly described the problem that I need to solve. However, it is not an option for me to place the annotation behind the data bar. Doing so would obscure the annotation. Effectively, I need a way to place a text string directly on a data bar, and still have tooltips work, even when the mouse is positioned over the text string. How do I do this with FusionCharts? If use an annotation, can I "bubble-up" mouse events from an annotation to a data bar? How? Thanks.
  6. I have a 2D bar chart. Each bar on the bar chart has an annotation. Each annotation is positioned directly on top of each horizontal bar. I also have tool tips configured on each bar. If I rollover/rollout the mouse on an annotation, it prevents any rollover/rollout events firing on the underlying bar. The tool tip disappears. The mouse event is processed by the annotation only. Is there a way I can pass the rollover/rollout event through to the data plot, so that the tool tips still work? Thanks.
  7. How do I create a multi-series 2D line chart, using both the primary and secondary Y axes, in which one (or both) of the Y axes are inverted? A good example of why this is useful would be charting both a quantity and a ranking measure over time. The quantity would be plotted against one Y axis (larger numbers appear higher up), and the ranking measure against the other Y axis (higher rank values are smaller numbers and appear higher up). Can I do this with FusionCharts 3.16.0? How? If not, can I make a feature request? Thinking further, this idea could be generalized. Simply make the primary and secondary Y axes scale independently to each other. For example primary Y axis = (linear or logarithmic or inverted), secondary Y axis = (linear or logarithmic or inverted) in any combination. Then configure each data series to plot against one or the other Y axis. Sounds like a useful feature, yes? Thanks.