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Found 1 result

  1. How do I create a multi-series 2D line chart, using both the primary and secondary Y axes, in which one (or both) of the Y axes are inverted? A good example of why this is useful would be charting both a quantity and a ranking measure over time. The quantity would be plotted against one Y axis (larger numbers appear higher up), and the ranking measure against the other Y axis (higher rank values are smaller numbers and appear higher up). Can I do this with FusionCharts 3.16.0? How? If not, can I make a feature request? Thinking further, this idea could be generalized. Simply make the primary and secondary Y axes scale independently to each other. For example primary Y axis = (linear or logarithmic or inverted), secondary Y axis = (linear or logarithmic or inverted) in any combination. Then configure each data series to plot against one or the other Y axis. Sounds like a useful feature, yes? Thanks.